Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One: Lofty Goals

I am not (typically) one to brag, but I am pretty sure I set some kind of Words With Friends world record.


I was so proud in fact that I googled how to do a screen shot on my iPhone so that I could capture the moment. Since my mom is an English teacher, she must have friends that play 143 point words all the time because I didn’t so much as get a “Good Job” instant message out of the play.

I sat for a good hour with a smirk on my face waiting for a phone call or congratulatory balloon bouquet to show up. Then I started thinking that maybe she played RUT too soon and didn’t realize that I HAD JUST SCORED 143 POINTS. So I sent her an email with this picture. She actually beats me all the time, so this was clearly just good luck and good letters.

But it is good luck that should go into the RECORD BOOKS.

In other news, I’m Back. And not only am I back. I am going to make a promise that I will soon regret.

My promise: I am going to participate in the 365 days of pictures project and post a picture every day. I can’t guarantee that they will be riveting posts…or breath taking pictures…or even that I will really follow through with this. But I will try.

Even through the soon-to-be-craziness of having a newborn.

And the time it takes to yell threats calmly count to three at two small boys who refuse to get out of the car in a reasonable amount of time.

And managing my Words With Friends high standards.

Warning #1: The pictures will not be in chronological order and might be anything from Disney home renovation…to Jeff performing surgery on a parrot. It’s not always interesting around here, but sometimes it is really interesting.

Warning #2: I am known for setting unattainable goals. The only difference is that usually they revolve around diet and exercise. Like that one time I ate nothing but cereal and slim fast for an entire week. Or that year I vowed to run a 5K every month and revised my resolution after the January “Too Cold to Hold” run with Mica. In our defense, it was freaking COLD at that run. Plus “running” wasn’t all it was cracked up to be when we got lapped by a 300 pound man and 7 year old girl.

The point is; there will be no crazy dieting or exercising in the next 4 months so I am focusing my energy on lofty blogging goals.

You're welcome.

And just as the boot camp instructor held me accountable for those long, excruciating three weeks before I quit, you can too. Please feel free to send me a note and remind me of my promise if I seem to fall off the wagon again (ahem…Betty, Kellie’s mom & Kristie, Mica’s twin).

Anyone want to take bets about how long I will last? I work well under pressure.


Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for the neutering of the parrot post.

Anonymous said...

If you know what I mean.

Betty said...

Yea, you are back. I give you one to two months max. Just say'n! You will still beat Kellie.

Betty said...

Iforgot - I am very, very impressed with your 143 points! I'm lucky to get 30 at a time. I pretty much suck at this game even though I enjoy it. Kellie has even quit playing me.

Anonymous said...

I was proud of your 143 point word, but you were playing me ,so it was kind of a downer. So here is my belated congratulations!!!!

Love you,

Mica said...

Your mom is an English teacher. You really should know the difference between "you're" and "your"! You're welcome!

Lisa said...

Thanks Mica! If I am going too blog everyday, I am really going two need your editing skills. :)