Thursday, July 22, 2010

Two: The Top Three Pop Artists of Our Time

Megan performing the Thriller dance
as Michael Jackson blares on the radio.

Lisa: Can you believe it has almost been a year since he died?

Megan: HE DIED?!?

Lisa: Oh, uh yes. About a year ago.

Megan: (sad voice) I didn't know that.

Lisa: Yea, and he was like the greatest pop artist of our* time.
(trying to change the subject since I just brought
the topic of death into a conversation with a 9 year old)

Megan: Yea I know.

Minutes pass :: Megan thinking

Megan: Well... actually.... he was more like the third greatest.

Lisa: (can see where this is going) Oh really, who is the number one and number two?

Megan: Well, first is probably the Jonas Brothers.
And then Miley Cyrus.
Then Michael Jackson.

Lisa: Oh, that's true.

I mean, who was I to argue?
My mistake in this conversation was definitely
making the assumption that "our" time was concurrent.
(Important to note so that you don't immediately call CPS:
that was NOT a real baby in her lap)


Betty said...

Get it right Lisa. The Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana rock!

kel said...

LOL....1) megan just read this over my shoulder and said..."i can't believe she wrote everything i said!" heehee...funny stuff.

2) thank goodness that baby isn't's one of the ugliest babies i've ever seen...oops i just got caught...not true, so very not true. pretty baby (as I comfort a crying 9 year old)

Mica said...

That is Drew! It is a real baby, and it isn't ugly!

Megan was shocked that I knew this story.