Friday, May 14, 2010


Mother’s Day is fast becoming one my favorite holidays. Not because it is eventful necessarily, but because of the smorgasbord of arts and crafts projects and surveys that are sent home with the kids…honoring ME.

Who doesn’t love a Styrofoam cup painted white (and not fully dry) filled with half dying pansies? It’s the thought that counts.

So, in honor of Mother's Day, here are seven things I love on my 7th Mother’s Day:

1. I love that they both still call it Smother’s Day. And even sang me a little ditty. Happy Smother’s Day to You Cha Cha Cha.

2. I love that Hayden’s class hosted a Mommy and Me lunch this year complete with serenading us with the song Pretty Momma (to the tune of Pretty Woman). I am (arguably) hormonal, but it brought a tear to the eye.

3. I love when my kids fight over who gets to hug me first. Or last. Or whatever the competition happens to be that night.

4. I love that Hayden drew a picture of me in a green dress and filled in the blanks: My favorite thing that my mom wears is her green dress. And when I informed him that I don’t in fact own a green dress, he reminded me that I do. I had bought it special for a wedding last fall in Houston.

5. I love the camping trip we took for Mother’s Day even though it ended in rain. The delicious blackberries the boys brought back from their nature hunt were an added bonus. The Market Street vegetable section has nothing on the campgrounds in Grapevine. We definitely ate our nightly rental fee in free blackberries.

6. I love that I am about to be a mom to three. And this time, I plan to do a better job of enjoying every step of the way. Even that crazy stage in the first month that involves doing four loads of laundry a day.

7. I love the funny quotes, stories and surveys. Though I did contemplate sending a note to Hayden’s teacher clarifying that I really did make home-made oreos recently, to explain why Hayden answered “oreo cakesters” when asked the favorite thing his mom makes in the kitchen. And for the record, I didn’t make them for dinner.

On that note, I will end with this:

I am 99% certain I have never made meatballs.

I am 100% certain I have never made meatballs with coconut seeds

Therefore, I would put this in the what-can-I-say-to-get-a-reaction category.

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micà said...

So cute! Those boys are hilarious!

I can definitely sympathize with trying to enjoy the parenting journey. As much as I don't enjoy missing out on sleep, I can't help but get sad that this stage will be over in a flash! Times flies...