Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dear Tiny Tim,

That is one of the names your brothers suggested for you. I liked it, so it sort of stuck. I am not 100% up-to-speed on your developmental milestones these days, so I am not entirely sure how much you can hear, but if you have heard some of the other suggestions that have been thrown out by your older siblings, you are fully aware that this was one of the better suggestions among Shrek, Bob, Baby, Cheese-stick, God, Baby Shamu, and Aparjita.

Trust me when I say that I won’t leave it up to them.

I will have ultimate veto power.

Well, me and your dad, of course. (At least we will let him think that).

Somewhat related: I apologize in advance if you wind up in therapy when you are older after learning that I was not subscribed to the weekly BabyCenter email that tells me how your hourly developments. Just understand that you are the third child and it’s just a bit repetitive at this point.

That is not to say I don’t occasionally wonder how big you are (like when I drug out the maternity pants at only 9 weeks along) and find myself browsing through BabyCenter. For the record, you are about the size of a medium shrimp this very moment. Not sure if that is peeled or unpeeled, but you get the point.

I can’t even pretend to know what your little personality will be like. Will you be the hilarious goofball always looking to make the room laugh like Davis…or the caring, sensitive one that doesn’t show his goofy side until he is 100% comfortable like your big brother Hayden?

Or some hybrid of them both…your very own personality? Could a third personality even exist?

I have to warn you though…you need to come prepared to deal with these big brothers of yours. They are tough and inseparable these days and believe it or not, they don’t always play fair. Just last week I overheard a game of iSpy in the backseat of my car. It went something like this:

Davis: I spy something Blue.
Hayden: Is it that sign over there?
Davis: Nope.
Hayden: Is it that car over there?
Davis: Noooope (with an evil smirk)
Hayden: Iiiiisssss itttttttttt……..
Davis: Just kidding, I really spy something RED (laughing hysterically).

That’s not to say they won’t play with you and love on you constantly. In fact, they both pray for you on a nightly basis. The other night Davis prayed to God that you would be Healthy, Quick, and Fresh. Sort of like a $5 foot-long at Subway. God knew what he meant though.

As it stands right now, this whole parenting thing should be a walk in the park the third time around. Davis has already signed up to feed you your bottles. And meanwhile, he volunteered Hayden to change your diapers. If babies are anything like I remember, all you’ll do the first 3 months is eat, sleep, and poop…which means the only unfilled volunteer position is the sleeping part...and I am officially signing up as your nap buddy RIGHT NOW.

I love you! I love you! I love you!

I can’t wait to hug you and kiss you and smell you (hopefully you don’t smell like shrimp!).

Counting down the days until I meet you,

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Anonymous said...

I love you too Tiny Tim. Don't forget to tell him I am constantly calling to offer name suggestions as well. Mimi and Grand-dad can't wait to meet you either.