Sunday, March 14, 2010

On Being A Rule Follower

I don't speed.

Always return my grocery cart to the proper location.

And never text while driving.

So trust me when I say, I wouldn't park here unless I was entitled.


Anonymous said...

Congratuations!!!!! I am so excited. I can't wait to meet another little Lyle!!

Love you,

kel said...

WOW...sooo didn't see that one coming...holy moly. congrats...i can't wait!

Aunt Amy said...

Yippee :) I'm an AUNT again!!!! Congratulations !!! What an AWESOME 30th BDAY Present :)!!! I'm super excited another lil one to really know how to make an aunt happy and proud :) !!!

Anonymous said...

How exciting !! Another kiddo gets the best parents ever. I can't wait. Seeing your kids be such great parents is the best reward in life.

Love you all,
Grandma Lyle

Callie said...

OMG!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!! I am SO PRAYING it is a girl!!!!!!! What is your due date???? (can you tell I am excited??)

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow, I just woke up, maybe I did not adjust the clock correctly? I had to read that that sign several times. Does Jeff Know yet? Don't tell him, let it be a Surprise! Congratulations!

Grandpa Lyle

Melissa said...

Congratulations! We are SO excited!

Betty said...

What a surprise! Congratulations. I just told Keith and he said "Jamie and I tried to warn her!". I bet the boys are excited.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on joining the family of five club. You will love it! Your family obviously has plenty of love and laughter to spread to another member (judging from your great blog)

Dawn King

Kim said...

WOW...CONGRATS! So glad I decided to drop in to your blog today!!!

alisa said...

congratulations!! what exciting news!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! It took me reading people's comments to actually get it. You KNOW I am happy for you! I'm calling you for this one!