Wednesday, March 10, 2010

That Was Then...

This is now...
The second picture was completely spontaneous and unprompted.
In fact, I saw them out of the corner of my eye watching TV in that
position for a good five minutes before I even picked up my camera.

Once caught, they informed me they were playing
“Boy and Hang-on-Boy”.
Which was a new one for me.
Hayden was clearly the “hang-on-boy”.

But don’t let me fool you.
It’s not all hugs and smiles and fun and games.

In fact, just last night Hayden received two spankings
for “accidentally” tripping Davis.
One from me…and one from his Dad after he criticized my spanking abilities.
(Which I didn’t think was fair. To me or Hayden).

But when it is fun and games, the games are quite amusing.

There’s Dog and Boy.
(Davis usually acts as the dog).

There’s Star Wars
(Where any object in the house is fair game to serve as a light saber).

There’s Master and Servant.

There’s the race to get ready in the morning.
(It is easy to determine who is losing ...
because they are the one shouting IT’S NOT A RACE!!!).

And then there’s plain old wrestling
(Which usually leads to more spankings).

But all in all, I think they (sometimes) really do love each other.


Anonymous said...

I love this picture!! They look so cute and appear to really like hanging out together. I agree that they do like to hang out sometimes, but sometimes a good wrestling match is in order.

Love you,

Betty said...

How sweet they are!

Aunt Amy said...

Those are great pictures...Hayden and Davis have both been working on their wrestling moves that makes me proud :)