Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Eight: The Renovation

This is what I came home to yesterday.

Bare concrete floors with a few loose tacks and nails floating around to keep us on our toes.

Yesterday began the annoyingly messy part of our home renovation but I know it will all pay off when we have new wood, carpet and tile to show for it. In the mean time we are left huddled in our master bedroom, which at the moment is also serving as a kitchen, storage closet, and home office.

This means several things:

1.) It is really dusty when you tear up tile. Somehow dust has a way of traveling under the plastic tarps used to cover cabinets and knickknacks.

2.) Our Fox News watching in the morning has been replaced with Dragon Ball Z. Therefore, we still have no idea how the “Michigan Left Turn” on Preston and Legacy is supposed to work.

3.) On the topic of cartoons, what ever happened to Tom and Jerry…or the Jetsons? What is with these random cartoons with no plot?

4.) It is worth it to pay someone $2.50 per square foot to tear up tile. I know because I once assisted in a tile removal job with a perfectionist (not naming names).

5.) The little amount of cooking we used to do has been replaced by Pei Wei and Pizza.

6.) We are moving in with Mimi and Granddad for three days starting Thursday evening.

7.) Before we bless them with our presence, we are demanding they fill their freezers to the brim with Toaster Strudels. Blueberry and Strawberry Toaster Strudels, to be specific. A special request by Master Davis.

8.) We estimate that by 6:30 a.m. Friday morning, Mimi and Granddad will be asking us when our wood is expected to be complete, after hearing the huge ordeal it is to pick out a cartoon in the morning.

9.) They won’t tell us that though because they love us.

10.) Have I mentioned it's really dusty?


Mica said...

I can't wait to see the picture of how Mimi and Granddad fulfill Davis' request, since they typically EXCEED expectations. Maybe a taste test...maybe a new freezer for just TS...maybe a homemade TS maker.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see pictures of the new floor!

Betty said...

It will be worth it in the long run. When we remodeled, we had the couch and a recliner in the kitchen for 2-3 days while the new floor was put down in the den. Needless to say I loved not being able to get in the kitchen!

Aunt Amy said...

From what I can see, the new stairs look great :)