Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nine: Exclusive Pic - The Belly Shot

I had great intentions when I first realized I was pregnant. Visions of taking weekly pictures of my growing belly.

Each week Baby Center sends an update on the baby's developmental milestones. It always gives a fruit or vegetable that is most like the baby's size. For example, this week, Blake is about the size of an ear of corn. Mica gave me a brilliant idea of taking a picture with the fruit/veggie each week.

I agreed.

Then the next week rolled around. And I thought, "Man, I really need to find a poppy seed."

But before I turned around, it was the next week and I was still poppy seed less and began thinking, "Man, I really need to buy some blueberries."

And so the weeks went...kidney bean....grape...kumquat (where does one find a kumquat anyway?)...

Then the more I thought about it, the more I thought about how strange it was going to be to pose a fig next to my been-there-since-7th-grade-belly-pooch.

It just seems weird to not only NOT HIDE my pooch, but also admit that the only valid excuse of not having a flat stomach is the size of a poppy seed.

And at that point, the idea was thrown out the window.
I also had grand visions of the boys being super interested in the pregnancy and that hasn't panned out either. I found out early on that they really don't care when the finger nails grow in or the week that his eyelids fully develop.

Last week though, I thought I would give it another shot. I pulled Hayden into my lap as I read the weekly update and showed him the picture. I read about how Blake's brain is growing quickly this week, and his taste buds are continuing to develop....

As I finished reading, I looked over at Hayden to see his reponse.

He was silent and deep in thought studying in picture on the computer.

Finally he spoke.

"Ooooohhhhhhhh." He said. "So your tummy is only supposed to be thaaat big."

I think I am going to read to myself going forward.


Aunt Amy said...

You and Baby Blake look too cute :) I'm glad you have a belly picture :) And I love the biology picture too.

Betty said...

Don't you just love the thoughts of a child! If Jeff had said that, he would be in time out for sure. That is so funny. I love the picture of you and Blake.

Kim said...

you look beautiful lisa...maybe i'll look that nice pregnant with a third child some day!