Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Today is April First, Two Thousand & Nine.

I felt this was the appropriate year to teach my sweet Hayden the joy of April Fool's Day. Last night I snuck into his room after lights were out so we could talk privately.

Always quite the chatterbox after 8pm, he loved the surprise.

We plotted and schemed for a full thirty minutes about the seemingly endless possibilities of how we could trick poor-unsuspecting Dad. We giggled about all the scenarios that would play out the following day.

This evening after dinner, we put our plan into motion. Hayden came up with a brilliant trick! We would put a hole in a cup and trick Dad into drinking out of it. If all went as planned, water would go everywhere!

Sounds simple enough...

Except I didn't have any disposable cups. And I didn't want to ruin my brand new super cute cups from Target.

So I had to improvise.

I grabbed one of the kids old Halloween cups and whispered to Hayden "he'll never suspect anything".

Hayden hasn't quite mastered the skill of whispering...and Jeff doesn't typically drink out of the children's cups, so you'll notice he wasn't as "unsuspecting" as we'd hoped. But he was a good sport and played along.

All was well, as I crossed How To Trick Someone On April Fool's Day off of Hayden's incredibly long life lesson list.

Later that evening, as the kids jumped tirelessly on the trampoline, Jeff lured Hayden inside. Poor Hayden didn't see it coming and walked right into his Dad's trap. As he strolled through the partially open back door, a bowl of water poured out on top of him.

Next lesson on the list: How Not To Cry When You Realize What Comes Around Goes Around.


kel said...

no way! jeff is so mean! i probably would have cried too!

Aunt Amy said...

Davis needs to play an April fools joke also...just a lil late so noone suspects anything.