Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bringin' Back A Bidet

Within the last several months, my mom purchased a set of the Benji movies for the boys. Honestly, I found it a little strange at first because I figured that a dog from before my time would have little to no chance at holding their attention when compared to the alien fighting characters of 2009. Font size

But I was pleasantly surprised. For some reason they are mesmerized by this dog. So much so, that they agreed (a rare occurence!) our next dog will in fact be a Benji.

The movie remains in the car and remarkably makes it into the rotation about once every three movies.

We admittedly pay very little attention to the movies playing in the backseat. Typically they listen through their headphones, and Jeff and I cram as much adult talk into our five minute commute as possible.

Which is why I was a little taken aback when Hayden started singing the 1974 hit song, I Feel Love.

American Idol 2019, here we come!

Okay, he might be a little pitchy in parts, and many could argue it may be the wrong song choice. But don't you want to just eat him up when he belts out "Bringinnnn' Baaaaaack a Bidet"?!??

Or is that just me?!?

And for the record, I do FEEL LOVE!


Aunt Amy said...

Hayden should be on the next American Idol...he has it for sure :) He is cute and his facial expressions really catch the audience too.

Anonymous said...

oh my! how adorable is he? Simon Cowell would just love him I'm sure.


Melissa said...

Lisa... as always you are the funniest person I know! I love catching up with my sis.