Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The staff at Blue Goose would have thanked me

Tonight we went to celebrate my 2.8 pound weight loss (by eating of course!). So we are in the middle of devouring the second bowl of chips when Davis announces that he needs to poop. Jeff had already taken him on bathroom break #1, which meant I was up in the rotation.

Davis: I need to go poop.

Me: Um, how about we wait to go when we get home.

Davis: But I need to go poop now.

Me: (sensing he needs a little more convincing). Let's wait until we get home Davis. The potties here are DIS-GUSTING. They are so, so dirty. We are about to go home. You can poop right when we get home. (With emphasis on the 'right when we' can judge all you want, but I didn't even mention the fact that there could be lizards crawling all over the ground).

About this time, Davis grabs for another chip and for a good two minutes, a wave of ease and relaxation is reintroduced to the table. It appears as though he has forgotten that he needs to poop. Until...


Me: What's your idea, Davis?

Davis: You could go clean the potties here!

And although that was a good idea proposed by my boy Davis, I chose to decline. I instead offered him another bag of sweet-n-low and successfully changed the subject. It appears sugar low calorie sweetener can take one's mind off of almost anything.

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