Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Backpack Buddy

Hayden was chosen to take home Backpack Buddy today. Oh, what joy. This is exciting for Hayden, and a beating for us. Backpack Buddy is a backpack (obviously) and the child picks any book and any stuffed animal to take home for the night and "do something fun." The doing something fun is the challenge for us. I have a hard enough time entertaining real humans, much less a stuff bat. Plus, this is the third time Stella Luna (the stuffed bat) has come home with us, so it is getting a bit tough to come up with new and exciting things to do each visit.

The family is supposed to document the entire event with photos. Then print the pictures, glue the pictures, and report on the pictures (in 5 year old handwriting, no less) the Very Next Day.
Oh, how I dread real homework and real school.

Today, I didn't realize we had the "privilege" of taking backpack buddy home until after I had made the long trek out to the car, buckled both of the boys up and started the engine. Suddenly, before I put the car into reverse, Hayden was sobbing in the backseat.

I couldn't comprehend the majority of it, but I got the gist...WE FORGOT BACKPACK BUDDY.

And it was ALL. MY. FAULT.

I should have known, he said. Should have known that he was randomly picked to take home the backpack.

After a brief conversation of what things fall under my responsibility umbrella, and what things fall under his, (he should be thanking his lucky stars we don't have him mowing the yard yet!) I agreed to go inside and fetch Backpack Buddy. Since we are no longer living in 1985, this of course meant I had to unbuckle both kids and walk all the way back inside. Re-fight over who gets to push the red button to open the door. Re-fight over who gets to swipe the security badge.

The whole deal, again.

But I reasoned it was worth it. After all, Stella shouldn't be punished because of Hayden's irresponsibility. On the drive home we talked about how we could show Stella a good time. We already taught her how to make shadow puppets last November. We showed her our Star Wars collection last January. After some serious brainstorming, I made the mistake of suggesting we let her slide down our banister.
When we arrived home, Hayden took Stella Luna to the top of the stairs and attempted to let her slide down. She immediately fell off.

Hayden: Mom, SEE. It didn't work.

Me: Oh well, I guess we are going to have to show her something else in the house.

Hayden: It's this part...this part (pointing to the banister) is too round.

Me: You're right. Oh well...

Hayden: Can we get a new one of these that is flat (pointing again to the banister)?

Me: Probably not Hayden.

Hayden: Why not?

Me: Because those are really expensive and we have some home improvement things higher on the priority list.

Me: But maybe one day. Talk to your Dad. (Thinking to myself that maybe this is my opportunity to get wrought iron balusters as well).

But really, can anyone argue the fact that a flat banister would allow stuffed animals to slide down with greater ease.
All that to say, Hayden was forced to revert to Plan B: Introducing Stella Luna to all of his stuffed animals.

It was sort of like a cocktail party, without the cocktails. I loved the second picture because I think he is experimenting with his portrait smile. He kept asking me to take a picture as he sat with this crooked smile for about five minutes while I found the camera. But come on, we've all experimented with our portrait smile, right? Right?

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Anonymous said...

I like the little crooked smile. Did he tell Stella Luna all of his stuffed animals names? What a chore. Only 13 more years of homework to go!!

Love you,