Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Month of Love - February, 2007

  • Jeff got new BRIGHT yellow running shoes. They almost hurt your eyes to look at them. But they’re cool and they make him cool!
  • Mica and Michael informed us they will be having a baby this year on our anniversary. They are returning a favor.

  • We had a Superbowl party for our Sunday School class. I don’t even remember who won, but I do remember that someone brought thin mint cookies.

  • I booked a “romantic getaway” ski trip to Heavenly (Lake Tahoe) for the last week in March. In the meantime, we are counting down the day and praying for more snow.

  • Jeff cooked me a great steak for Valentines Day, and Hayden wrote me a love note (scribed by his teacher) that said something to the effect of “I love my mommy when we are in Colorado, and I like Power Rangers.”

  • Hayden won the “Best Attitude” Award at school and we celebrated with a “ba-nella” Sonic Blast.

  • We had a pancake breakfast and GrandDad brought us 3 different Promise Land Milk flavors so that we could have a “taste test”.

  • We went to Collin Creek mall to ride the train and buy me a bigger size pants.

  • Jeff became violently ill on the ‘2111’ Peanut Butter. This actually happened about 6 months ago, but we just found out it was truly food poisoning this week. Who knew you could get salmonella from peanut butter? That’s just weird.

  • We made Hayden a play list with his favorite songs…In case you are interested they are:
  1. Bad Day by Daniel Powter (This is the American Idol song, also “his and Cody’s song” and his favorite at the moment. He admits “It’s and old song, but so are they”)

  2. All Star by Smash Mouth (from Shrek)

  3. Since You’ve Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson (he’s not ashamed to admit who he likes, or not old enough to know he should be)

  4. Let’s Get it Started by The Black Eyed Peas (who doesn’t like this song, really?)

  5. Cha Cha Slide by Mr. C.
  • Davis now eats with a fork, gets off the bed by himself, and is developing his vocabulary. He can now say:
    Beep Beep, Amen (‘A-in’), Truck (‘uck), Eyes,
    Light, Please (‘peas’), Thank You (‘ank-u’), Angel (‘An-hul’)
    Dada (and still laughs in my face if I ask him to say Mama---stinker!)

  • I spilled apple juice in the trunk of my car but didn’t realize it until it had fermented. Yuck!

  • One morning before church, Angel pooped…Davis ran the big red car through it, and we didn’t realize until it was tracked through 4 rooms. It was everywhere. Carpet, shoes, walls. Needless to say, we were late to church that morning.

  • I did our taxes and realized we spent $21K on daycare in 2006. I only say this because…one, that’s a lot of money, and two, for the last week Davis’ daily report cards and Valentines bags have said ‘David’ on them. So I am left to wonder….am I paying someone that much money to watch my kids and they don’t even know his name. Kind of annoying.

  • One of the teachers at daycare thought it would be funny to hide the stroller in the back corner of the building since I accidentally left it out 2 days in a row. Imagine me at 5:45 walking with two kids…and two kids paraphernalia…to the back of the center to get my hidden stroller. Let me tell you…it was hilarious.

  • Brittany’s gone wild…Anna Nicole is dead…they’re acting like they are going to kill off Meredith on Grey’s…and you know the rest. I think we are caught up. I promise to do better in the future.

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