Sunday, February 18, 2007

Let’s Get it Started…January, 2007

  • I converted an empty office at work into a coffee room to prevent paying $1.29 every day for a medium cup of coffee. Everyone in the group was loving it, until we received the following email:
    A recent inspection of A2-772 revealed items that are non standard to the building. In accordance with the Officettiqutte, electrical items such as COFFEE POTS should be left at home. Please remove the item(s) and advise this mailbox when this has been completed. If you have questions regarding what type items are permitted, please refer to the Officetiquette signs that are posted in all copy rooms. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
    For 5 years, I have thought that the “office police” thing was a joke. Yet, somehow we were nominated as one of the best places to work in DFW. I am currently on the hunt for the mole.

  • Jeff and I finally scheduled appointments to go to the dentist. We went a few days apart, but the dentist *supposedly* told Jeff that “he had much better dental hygiene than his wife.” Now granted, I did have 2 cavities, but with comments like that, I’ll just have to think about who I get to fill my cavities...although she did have really cool TV’s.

  • Ms. Marie (Davis’ teacher) told me Davis was the most “easy-going” kid in the class. Anyone that knows him knows how hilarious this is. He could be described as sweet, as lovable, but not at all easy-going. I knew it could only be explained by one of two things…he was either putting on a show, or the rest of Davis’ friends were…let’s say…very high strung. About a week later, Ms. Marie recanted her statement and said it must have just been the honeymoon stage. I guess so, but I never got a honeymoon stage with Davis.

  • Jeff was told his group was going to be outsourced to India. After we learned this information, we had a stressful week or so….Then Jeff was given about 5 offers from within the company and the stress subsided. He is still happily employed, but now stressing about how difficult the next few months are going to be as the workforce shrinks and the workload doesn’t.

  • Meanwhile Hayden was stressing because Blaine said he was the red power ranger, but Hayden was clearly the red power ranger that day because he was wearing his red power ranger shirt. Can you imagine?

  • Matt and Melissa informed us they will be having another baby boy due at the end of July. I am trying to convince them they should name him Ryan.

  • Hayden can now spell his name correctly 90% of the time. About 5% he spells it D-E-N-H-A-Y because I think I made it too sing-songy when I taught him. And the other 5% of the time, he spells it H-A-Y-D-E-mommy. He thinks it’s hilarious.

  • GrandDad took on a new hobby and is practicing to be a bee keeper so that he can harvest his own honey. He successfully relocated a bee hive from a tree branch 35’ in the air to some excess land the church owns. He still hasn’t sold me on his idea to buy Hayden and Davis bee suits, but I know it is in his plans.

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