Sunday, February 18, 2007

Merry Christmas…Happy New Year…the rest is history!

  • We had a grand ole’ Christmas. The 13 parties in December kept us fairly busy. The boys received a ton of toys including a life size tiger from Aunt Amy and a fireman’s suit from Mimi and GrandDad.

  • Santa brought Davis Mac the truck (Lightening’s driver) and Hayden Superman holding a truck in the air. Strangely though, before Davis was even downstairs, he had already told Hayden “he could borrow” the Mac truck.

  • Jeff received a Rubix cube from Amy and spent at least 12 hours trying to solve it….and I can’t tell you how relieved I was when he finally did. I also can’t tell you how annoyed I was when he messed it up again another 7-8 times to see if he could improve his time. That lasted the entire Christmas break.

  • We invited people over for a New Year’s Eve Party but canceled it last minute because the kids weren’t feeling good. We celebrated with New York (at 11) and called it a year.

  • I signed up for the word-of-the-day email through the Merriam Webster website, so if you hear me say a big word this year, act impressed.

  • Jeff and I committed to run 1000 miles this year….which equates to about 3 miles a day. What’s today? February 17th? That means I am about 40 days behind. I have a chart on the refrigerator showing just how far behind I am. But I can make it up.

  • I bought a new iPod shuffle and had “no excuses…RUN!!!” engraved on it. It’s not working. Well, the music is, but the engraving isn’t.

  • I signed up for the gym at work for those days when I didn’t have enough time to go home and run. I’ve gone one day all year. That was the same day I signed up.

  • I started another weight challenge with Kellie at the beginning of the year. Then we canceled it and said we would restart after Fiscal year end. Over sushi one day, we realized we should wait until the accounting books were closed officially before starting the weight challenge a third time. What do accounting journal entries have to do with dieting you ask? Nothing people…it’s called procrastination.

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