Friday, February 16, 2007

Signs of OCD

Every night Hayden wants to be told a story before bed.....the same story every night. It goes like this...Once upon a time there was a little boy named Hayden. He had a brother named Davis and they both loved to play tennis. They would play tennis every day (not true), and they would hit the ball back and forth, back and forth with their Daddy. But then one day, their Daddy hit the ball so hard it went up in the air, over the neighbors fence and they never saw the ball again (true). The end.

Hayden starts out by saying, "tell me a story about...." and then tells the whole story in fast forward speed, then waits for us to retell it exactly the same way.

The funny part is that if you deviate from this story in the least bit (e.g. Daddy hit the ball so hard it went over the house, into the street....), Hayden will say 'no, no, no' and make you start over.
Does that make him crazy?!? (in tune)

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