Friday, August 25, 2006

Updates and Competitions...

Just to update everyone, I am still running like crazy every day. I am not yet to the point that Jeff is about running… physically or mentally. I know I will never get to where he is physically. He runs it in 18 minutes. I run it in 32 minutes on a good day (let me remind you though, the spread between our living room lap is less than ½ a second). He bounces on every step. I drag my feet. I doubt anyone expects me to meet or beat his time since his legs are a full foot longer than mine. The point is I cross the finish line on a daily basis and push past all of my excuses not to run… including but not limited to: my developing ugly tan lines from my sports bra, 104 degree temperature, my soar throat and stuffy nose, and the fact that I run 3 miles a day and still only lose weight when I starve myself (which I am now doing). But honestly, I really don’t think I will ever have the mental strength Jeff does when it comes to exercise either.
- Jeff “loves” running and “looks forward to it.” He really “enjoys the nature” when he is out there. I count how many steps I am taking to try to get my mind off of how much longer I have to go.
- Jeff uses his running time as prayer time. I occasionally try that, but end up asking for bigger lungs or cooler weather or better yet to just be skinny without trying.
I truly realized how different we are a couple of mornings ago when he was weighing himself (the scale is back out, I couldn’t deal with it). Poor thing, he is having the hardest time keeping weight on. It seems like no matter how many 700 calorie peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or full family size lasagnas he eats in a day, he just keeps losing weight. I can promise you one thing, and you can even hold me to it: if I were losing more weight than I wanted, I sure as heck wouldn’t come home every day and run in the scorching heat. I know I will probably never have the mental strength that he does, but I will continue taking baby steps (literally…see my time above).

I started my second diet competition for the year. The first one if you remember is with my boss and the winner is the first to lose 20 pounds. See February if you need further details, but unfortunately the competition has not been completed. The second competition is between Mica, Kellie, and me. We are all motivated to lose weight but we all struggle with loving food. That’s clear when we brainstorm what rewards we will treat ourselves to if we hit our goals and the first suggestions thrown out are Freebirds and/or a giant cookie from BJ’s. I probably should be a little more nervous because I have once lost a diet competition to Kellie in the past. In my defense, I was pregnant and judging from the number of bowls of banana pudding she ate the day after our competition started, I feel confident I can take her this time. Oh, and the fact that she needs to lose no weight at all. Mica will be a fierce competitor, but there is a new McDonalds on her block, and she has not yet tried the new snack wrap, so that should buy me a few weeks. To be quite honest, I think it is a shoe-in for my victory. One of the goals of the competition is to drink 7 gallons of water per week. Neither one of them has been drinking a gallon a day yet they both seem to think they can play catch up the night before. Needless to say, I will keep you all posted on where my victory dinner will be held. .

Speaking of competitions, it is been awhile since I have put up a fight to win the best show and tell award, but as of this week, I am...make that… Hayden is the CHAMPION! Okay, there is no true “award” given out, but if you saw the family story board I made for Hayden’s show and tell today, it is a no-brainer who would be walking out with the blue ribbon if there was. Did we use the scrap construction paper that was offered by the teachers? You can bet your glue stick we didn’t! We (and I use that term loosely) used foam board, scrap booking paper, cool lettering and funny quotes. We even had a special photo opportunity outside in front of the tree so his main photo would match the theme “My family tree is full of nuts”. I probably should have put another line under it that said “ESPEICALLY MY MOM since she spent hours putting this together”, but I chose not to. He’ll thank me when it is science fair time!

Other Updates: Davis is getting closer to walking, but paying no attention to my deadline schedule. Hayden is starting to talk like an adult and the other day started a conversation with “So Dad, how was your day?”. Jeff is spending the afternoon at studio movie grill bonding with his co-workers, while I am left here working….okay, so I am not technically working, but still!

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