Monday, September 25, 2006

A Weekend Worth Updating

Pony rides…petting zoos…clowns…bull riding…hot air balloons…sky-divers…fireworks…a sleep-over…bee-catching…I finally have a weekend worth updating. Before I get into the craziness that was our weekend, let me start with a few updates from the last few weeks.

The Report Card
It is official…Davis is now walking. He walks all the way across the living room without assistance, and loves to play fetch with himself. He still prefers crawling, but just so everyone knows I am not exaggerating his abilities, let me just post an excerpt from his daily report card. ‘Davis had a great day. He had a great time throwing the ball. He would throw the ball and say ball. He has also been walking all over the place today.’ Now that Davis is walking, Hayden occasionally likes to play ‘Ka-Bam’ with him. ‘Ka-Bam’ is the Hayden-invented game which includes Hayden charging and tackling Davis while screaming ‘Ka-Bam.’ Him and Jeff play this game all the time, but I don’t think Davis is as big of a fan yet. This probably has something to do with why Davis still prefers crawling.

The Diet
I emphasize the word ‘the’ because it is the final diet of my life (right Kellie?). Just kidding, I am sure it really isn’t, but I am so very proud of myself, I would like to take a moment to brag. I still have not won the ’20 pound competition’ with my co-worker, but I expect to in the next 24 hours. I got a little off course over the weekend (free dinners are hard to pass up). There have been several days now where I have run not once, but twice in one day and last night I even got pretty close to my best time while pushing both of the boys in the double stroller. I have continued to push through, even after the other day when I firmly believe I was almost abducted. Long story, but a suspicious car prompted me to run up to someone’s house and ask to borrow their phone to call Jeff. He came to pick me up and by the time I got in the car, I was upset and crying by the mere thought of what could have happened. Hayden, trying to calm me down from the back seat, said in his most sympathetic voice, “it’s okay mommy…candy will make you feel so much better.” How right he was…candy would have made me feel much better. Anyway, despite the last few sentences I really am doing well and I still think I can hit my reverse resolution goal (size 2) by January. That is not to say that I haven’t stopped thinking about food….I spend an equal amount of time on the internet researching menus trying to decide where I want my one-big-splurge (for the week) to be. Obviously, I have a problem…but let’s get over that and on to the more important things. Who knew TGI Fridays offered Fried Macaroni and Cheese? I don’t even like TGI Fridays, but I can tell you we will be eating there after we eat Sushi, Saltgrass, and Chipotle…unless of course, some other commercial catches my eye between now and then.

Mommy, the favorite!
The other day while Hayden was taking a nap, I decided to go into his room and snuggle with him. He had been sleeping for about an hour, and I wanted to cuddle with him before he woke up. He is always the sweetest right when he wakes up. Anyway, I laid down next to him, put my arms around him, and as I did, he cracked his eyes open, gave a sweet grin, and said, “you’re my favorite Mommy” in an adorable whisper. Jeff thinks I am making the whole story up, but I couldn’t make something up that stinkin’ cute! I wish it was on video. I guess I find this most amusing, because I know I am not really his favorite, but maybe he was just having a good dream about me giving him candy or something. I don’t know, but it was priceless and I hope I never forget it.

The Echo with a C…
Another highlight of last week was when I was dropping Hayden off at school and he spotted a lizard on the ground. Hayden knew right where to go…he ran to the “science center” to get a bug catcher. Then he came back to the lizard (who I thought would have been long gone by then) and I helped him catch the lizard. About that time, another mom came up and said, “wow, you can tell you’re a mom of boys, catching geckos before a long hard day at work.” That’s all Hayden heard. He started parading around the daycare center showing everyone his accomplishment.
Hayden: Look, we caught an ecco. Look, we caught an ecco.
Me: No, Hayden, we caught a gecko…with a ‘G’
Hayden: Oh. Look, we caught an ecco, with a ‘C’. Look, we caught an ecco, with a ‘C’.

The Rodeo
Jeff was given tickets to the company suite at the Mesquite rodeo. The tickets were intended to be used for associate recognition, but I don’t know how good of an idea that was since he was practically begging people at work to take them by the end of the week. The rodeo only sounds fun to a select few. Cowboys and people with kids. Since we fall into the latter category, we went. It is always entertaining to introduce something new to your kids…and in that respect we had fun. It’s been since high school since I have been to the rodeo, but I always walk away thinking several of the events are just cruel to the poor little calves, and several of the events are just plain stupid. Has anyone else noticed that women don’t participate in the bareback riding or the bull-riding. I wonder why that is. I just can’t come up with a viable explanation. Same thing when I watch that show on MTV called Jackass with Jeff (under duress). So far, I have never seen a female get into a shopping cart and try to stay in it while pushed down a flight of stairs. I have also never seen a female get in a port-a-potty while a dump-truck knocks it over. Sorry to get off track, it’s just one of those things that make you go ‘hmmmm.’ Anyway, the rodeo was fun. Hayden thought he would be afraid of the clowns. “But he is not. Clowns are silly. Clowns are nice.” He also got to ride a pony for the first time ever. He says he had fun, but you would never know it by the expression on his face. He looked more like he was sitting through a documentary on how paint dries. After he was done, he named that pony Peanut Butter. I have no idea why, because it was a white pony. Then we moved onto the petting zoo. Pigs, bunnies, and goats…we pet them all. He named the pony in the petting zoo Pencil…Pencil the Pony. After that, we made our way up to the suite where I threw the diet out the window and had two servings of brownies and peach cobbler…each. You’ve seen one bull rider, you’ve seen them all. You think there would be more of those guys that die every year. On several occasions, from where I was sitting, it looked like the bull was less than inches from stepping on the cowboy’s head. It doesn’t seem like all that fun of a sport for me, but when the tickets are free and the kids are entertained…I will sign up once a year or so. While we are on the topic of cowboys and cowgirls, I found out that I am technically a rancher. You see, the city of Plano gives a property tax break to companies that are considered a ranch. For that reason, the company I work for decided to buy some horses and call themselves a ranch. I figure if they can do that, then it is only a natural progression…I work on a ranch…I must be a rancher. Kind of silly, but I just learned that tid-bit of info last week, so I thought I would pass it on. You’d think a rancher would enjoy the rodeo more…

The “Hair Hot Balloon Festi-bowl”
Like I have said before, to date, this is the most talked about event of Hayden’s entire life. He dreams about hot air balloons. He chats about hot air balloons to anyone who will listen. We look at pictures of them on the internet. So for this reason, it would be an understatement to say that the whole family was excited about the annual Plano Hot Air Balloon Festival. We have been talking it up for weeks. This year, we decided to go on Saturday since we had tickets to the rodeo on Friday. When we pulled in to park, we were told that the balloons were not going to be launched because of the wind. We decided to continue on, knowing there would be plenty of other activities to keep Hayden attentive. By the time we had found the perfect spot, they had changed their mind and decided to let the balloons fly. The fancy balloons weren’t out because of the 70 mph winds, but it was fun nonetheless. We saw 4 crazy men jump out of a plane holding the American flag during the national anthem. Jeff was mad at me for causing a panic among my fellow audience members. Somewhere throughout the introduction of the sky-divers, I missed that they were “experts”, so when the first jumper started spinning (what looked like out-of-control), I mentioned that fact (in what I thought was a calm, collected voice) to my mom. Anyway, it turns out he was in total control and landed safely. Hayden had a blast there, and Davis seemed to enjoy every bit of it as well. The night for Hayden ended with a glow stick and spending the night with Mimi and GrandDad. At age three, I assume it just doesn’t get better than that.

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