Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Iron Chef Stadler is Victorious!

Last weekend, Jeff and I hosted an Iron Chef party. It was just like the one on food network, except without the translator, without the cameras, and with about 6 kids running around. It was actually Matt and Melissa’s great creative idea of party, we just opened our house for the big event. Matt had originally challenged me, but for everyone’s sake I decided it would be better if Jeff competed in my place. I’m a competitive person, but when it comes to cooking, it takes more than competition to inspire me. Just to show how creative Matt is inside and outside of the kitchen, here is the evite he sent out.

A la cuisine! The challenge is on… Iron Chef Stadler meets challenger Lyle in their first ever battle. Iron Chef Stadler is a skilled competitor, heavily relying his passion for the fusion of Italian and French cuisine with a noticeable Mediterranean influence. Challenger Lyle is a formidable opponent, with his supreme technique and flashy knife skills. The only thing hotter than Chef Lyle’s pan is the tastiness he serves. Will grills or tempers flare first? Find out next Saturday as Chef Lyle challenges Iron Chef Stadler on Iron Chef: Plano!

The party was a hit. Matt (AKA Iron Chef Stadler) was victorious. The secret ingredient was potato, which the chefs had to make both an appetizer and main course with. Challenger Lyle made potato skins for the appetizer and mashed potatoes with a hint of meat on the side (a bacon wrapped filet) for the main course. It was cooked to perfection, but I think he lost points on the creativity. Iron Chef Stadler made mashed potatoes with filo dough for the appetizers and basil potatoes and chicken for the main course. The food presentation of both chefs looked like it was straight out of Bob’s Steak House.

The secret ingredient for dessert was vanilla bean. Challenger Lyle made puff pastry with vanilla custard and fresh fruit. Iron Chef Stadler made French toast with vanilla bean ice cream and a colorful custard. He even used potato bread for the French toast…and earned some bonus points from the judges.

Needless to say, everyone left with full bellies. The chefs were literally dripping with sweat by the end of the party after each serving 10 people 3 dishes each (60 plates). At the end of the night I was most thankful for two things 1) paper plates and 2)that I had roped Jeff into competing since even the Totinos pizza I cooked for the kids turned out a little burnt.

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