Sunday, August 13, 2006

Reverse Resolution

This blog is going to be a little different from those of the past. Normally I write about all of the “firsts” for Hayden and Davis. But today I would like to share my own set of “firsts” that I accomplished over last few weeks.
- First time to run a 5K
- First time to exercise for longer than 20 minutes
- First time to exercise twice in one day-
- First time to run in the hill country
- First time to run before church and still get there on time (let’s be honest, it was probably the first time I was at church on time, regardless)

Let me explain….While we were at Sea World a few weeks ago, I realized I was overweight and out of shape and needed to do something about it. I also realized I should have owned and operated a parking lot next to Sea World, and made millions, but that is beside the point. Anyway, it wasn’t the first time I realized that I was overweight, or even blogged about it for that matter. I don’t know if it was seeing a resemblance of myself in Shamu, or the fact that my sweaty legs were rubbing a hole through my shorts that reminded me of this fact. I decided right then and there to make a reverse new years resolution, if you will. I want to be a size 2 by the New Year, and to do that I must get started today. After I came to this realization, we finished our day at Sea World, went to eat Mexican food, and chased it down with three scoops of ice cream. But the following Monday, it was official. If you are still laughing at the size 2 comments, stop laughing and review my accomplishments above. This is also the first time I have attempted a diet without using a scale. Last night, I decided once and for all that I was done with the scale…for the next week, anyway. I decided Oprah was right about the whole scale thing when I stepped on the scale Sunday morning after dieting all week long and running 5K’s every day, and to my dismay, I had only lost 3 pounds. From now on, I am just going to run and eat good everyday and hope to see noticeable changes in my clothes very soon. Since I own pants ranging in 8 different sizes, I shouldn’t be forced to go shopping in the very near future. One day, I was so caught up in the whole Reverse-Resolution and decided to run not once but twice. That’s dedication people! I guess I should also say that I didn’t technically run in the “hill country”, but if you haven’t run in Plano lately, HOLY HILLS! You have no idea until you run it…trust me!

Our summer vacation this year was a bit toned down from the norm. Instead of going to an all-inclusive resort in the Bahamas as we have done in the past, we decided save money, stay within the lone-star state and go to SeaWorld. We sat in about an hour of traffic just to get in the parking lot, and after watching about 50 cheaters cut in line, I vowed to never again call Texas the “friendly state”. This was another one of those instances when I realized just how different Jeff and I actually were. I’m screaming, “don’t let him in, DON’T LET HIM IN” as he is waving people the go-ahead and telling me not to let the cheater and cutters ruin my day. Anyway, once we got inside the park (along with the rest of San Antonio), we had a blast. Hayden was too short for any of the roller coasters, but we saw every Diddi the Dolphin and Shamu the Whale in the park. Sting-rays, sharks, whales, trainers…we saw it all. No one got sunburned, but we all left looking like we jumped in a swimming pool. I was once again left wondering how long it would take to go back to school and become a whale trainer. The aspiration has passed since then, but a whale trainer is my #2 far fetched career choice (#1 is morning DJ, but not a reality since I am rarely awake before 7am). Thanks again Mimi and GrandDad for the free room and board and a wonderful weekend in San Antonio.

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