Friday, June 23, 2006

PINK....It's my fav-or-ite COLOR!

I figure I will write this blog in the color pink since pink is the reason I am able to write a blog at all today. I am home today with the kids because they both have pink eye…. actually, that is plural for Hayden. They were home yesterday with Jeff, and today they are fortunate enough to have my company. Their eyes are pretty much better today, but they are both still banished from school. Right now they’re taking a nap…my biggest accomplishment of the day. Jeff took Hayden to the doctor yesterday, not because there was any question it was pink eye, but so that he could get prescription eye medicine. After the normal height/weight check of Hayden, Jeff started to give the nurse all of the details….bright pink watery eyes, congestion, a ton of drainage, pink eye is going around the center, etc. One could only presume that what she is writing in the chart includes all of that. Then the doctor comes in and pulls out the flashlight and begins looking at his ears/nose/throat and gives his diagnosis:

Dr.: “Yes, this is actually very common. He has a lot of congestion and drainage and a skin bacterial infection has developed under his nose. So that it doesn’t spread, I am going to prescribe an ointment that you can apply three times per day.”

Jeff: (interrupting) “Uh….no…actually that scab is from when he was running in the parking lot about a week ago and fell. He is in here because I think he has pink eye.”

Dr: “Oh yes, he does have pink eye. In that case, just treat the cut with Neosporin and I will prescribe some antibiotic eye drops for the conjunctivitis.”

That my friend, is why I am not a big fan of spending $25 to sit in a waiting room full of cooties. In the end, we got the eye drops that make Hayden “see further” and “run faster”. (Parents have a license to lie if it in the best interest of the child! It’s a rule. Look it up!) This is why I self diagnose. I could save myself and my company a lot of money if I could just research it on the internet…find out what drugs to take…. and order them from CVS. If I can buy my house without the middleman, then surely I can diagnose pink eyes as PINK EYE without a middleman. If something comes up that seems more serious or obscure, I’ll see Dr. McDreamy, and if he can’t help me I’ll visit Dr. House. There’s nothing he can’t solve. That’s what I call medical reform.

What Have I Missed? Lots was happening in the lives of friends and family around me. So, let me just say…Happy Birthday Jeff…Congrats on your engagement Jamie…Happy Birthday Dad…Congrats on your new house Julie….Happy Birthday Kellie….Happy Anniversary Mica….Congrats on your new house purchase Amy….Happy Fathers Day Dad and Jeff….whew, hope I didn’t miss anyone! Sorry it has been so long. Hope to update everyone again soon.

**Davis experienced another milestone today. He climbed upstairs all by himself. I didn’t touch him one time….Yes Mimi, I was right behind him spotting him…Yes Mimi, the downstairs gate will go up just as soon as Jeff gets home.

**Hayden can stay under water at swim lessons for 6 seconds. He’s doing great!

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