Wednesday, June 28, 2006

An all new The Lyle Family

Next, on an all new The Lyle Family...

Which houseguest made a life-lasting change to their body?

Who used their listening ears?

Did tempers flare when one of the houseguests crashed a car?

Is one member of the clan destroying the house?

Find out next on The Lyle Family.

I guess you could describe it as the double-dog-dare gone bad. For the last several weeks, Jeff has been getting back into his artsy-fartsy days by drawing and sketching out pictures on everything…napkins, the back of receipts, coloring books, the kids, etc. He was trying to come up with a perfect tattoo design. For the first couple of weeks, I would question his true intent…Are you serious? You really want that? You do realize tattoos are forever? But then last Saturday, after the kids went to bed, I finally asked, “if you are so serious about it, why don’t you go get one….right now?” Note, it was 9:30 at night, which is about 30 minutes after our normal bed time. I really wasn’t expecting him to say, “Really??!? You don’t care?” But that is exactly what he said. Ten minutes later after calling Matt to meet him there and hold his hand, he was out the door. Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t so much no-way-you’ll-do-that type of dare. I know him well enough to know that he was serious and it was inevitable. He was going to get a tattoo. It was just a matter of time. Why should I drag it on and let him color all over the kids for another 6 months. Matt and Melissa must have been just as shocked because I had to validate the story on the phone before Matt committed to meeting him in Addison. Since I wasn’t there I can’t tell the details of the actual experience, but Jeff said he was very tough. Matt said he was a bit jittery and nervous before it started, but from what I understand, no tears were shed. Anyway, I will post a picture shortly that shows Jeff and Hayden’s matching tattoos. I will say that Hayden was a bit disappointed that his tattoo wasn’t big enough.

Another development over the last few weeks is that Hayden has been getting reprimanded for sticking his fingers in his ears when you tell him to “put his listening ears on.” Today I felt a little guilty for that. As we were driving to school, Hayden shouted from the backseat, “I like this song.” I was surprised when I looked back there that he had his fingers in his ears. When I asked him why, if he liked it, he had his fingers in his ears, he said, “because I have my listening ears on.” It was one of those Ah-hah moments where it all made perfect sense. All this time, people had been telling him to put his listening ears on while pointing to their own ears….to which he mistakenly thought they were putting their fingers in their ears. I wonder how many cumulative minutes he sat in time out as a result of that misunderstanding. Yet another reminder that the world from the eyes of a three year old is much different. Mica will be elated to hear that he also shouted out “Hook ‘Em Horns” yesterday as we were driving home. I am sure he was joking because he was holding up more of a hang-ten sign than a hook ‘em horns sign. When I asked him who had taught him such a thing, the culprit was clear… “MICA”, he shouted. I was caught so off guard, I drove the rest of the way home trying to figure out if Mica has secret daily lessons while he is at daycare, and if not, why it came up now….a month after the initial Hook ‘Em Horns lesson.

If you haven’t guessed yet, it was me who wrecked the car. Bright and early on Monday morning, Mimi was ever so kind and considerate to come to the house and take Davis to the doctor. Davis was over pink eye, but had developed two ear infections in the mean time. I had a hunch she didn’t walk there but it didn’t occur to me that Mimi’s car was parked in the drive way until....CRASH!!! Jeff and I always leave for work at the same time so he saw the whole thing happen. For some reason he thought this was funny…and beat me inside to tattle on me. “Uh…Laney….I think someone hit your car”, was his lead in. Then he let he draw her own conclusions when she came outside and saw my poor little guilty looking accord about 3 feet from her car. There was no damage on my car and I can honestly say I was shocked at the lack of damage on her car in comparison to the awful sound. It will need some body work, but we are still crossing our fingers that a paint-less dent repair shop will be able to handle it. Since then, I am happy to report, I have been looking in my rear-view mirror when backing up.

Okay, so no one is really destroying the house, but when was the last time you saw a teaser that didn’t have at least one random tease that didn’t turn out to be the truth? I guess between Angel and Davis, technically the house will eventually be destroyed. That is nothing new for Angel...she has been jealous and acting out on our once-white carpet for years. But for Davis it is a new concept. He is crawling around pulling down everything he can lay his hands on. He officially throws temper tantrums when you tell him no and has decided he doesn’t like to share anymore than Hayden.

Stay tuned for scenes from the next The Lyle Family.

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