Tuesday, June 6, 2006


For the last two weeks or so, Hayden has been doing something that completely embarrasses me. Every morning we walk through the parking garage from the car to school. There is a security guard in the parking garage that acts as a crossing guard and helps direct traffic. For the last year of his life, I would remind Hayden to “wave to the crossing guard”, or “say hi to the crossing guard”, or “say good morning to the crossing guard”. Hayden would say nothing…act as if he was non-existent.

Starting in about January of this year, he began to finally acknowledge him, but would only say, “Hi. You have a stop sign.” “Okay”, I thought, “at least he is speaking…we are on our way to politeness.”

Well about two weeks ago, he has a new greeting for the nice security guard. He says, “Hi. I have doughnuts!” At first I figured he was just excited because that is what we had brought for breakfast….but now he says it regardless. This morning, I made a point of telling him we were packing cereal and milk for breakfast. So what does he do? He greets the crossing guard with, “Hi. I have doughnuts at home!” Hayden has a lot of things at home…a kite, 5 buzz lightyears, a train table, a bike…why does he insist on only mentioning the doughnuts to the security guard? I have not taught him this stereotype that cops eat doughnuts. Could it be coincidental? Yes, but it doesn’t change the fact that I feel my face turn red out of embarrassment every time he says it, and at the same time am trying my hardest to hold back laughter.

Quick Davis update…he is now pulling up and bonking his head on everything. He loves ‘row, row, row your boat’ and leaning backwards as far as he can, looking at everything upside down.

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