Wednesday, March 22, 2006

People who lack common sense….

One of my biggest pet peeves at work is people who do their job just like it was done last time without asking questions or using common sense. I have now come to the conclusion that these people exist in every profession.

Case in point: Every week, towards the beginning of the week, I pick up the letter worksheet off of Hayden’s clip at school. It is a basic worksheet torn out of some educational workbook. The purpose of it is to help parents cover the same lessons at home and school. The worksheet has the weekly letter in the middle, surrounded by 4 pictures that start with the letter in each corner.
For example, W.
Window, Watch, Wolf, Worm.

(Sidenote: the enablers that we both are made excuses for Hayden last week when he called out Window, Watch, Dog, Snake. I guess deductive reasoning doesn’t come at age two….plus the pictures weren’t all that clear).

Anyway, this week the letter is ‘X’. Granted, few (if any) of you can quickly come up with 4 letters that start with the letter ‘X’ in the next two minutes. I am assuming the poor soul who had the task of creating these worksheets couldn’t either. However, she felt she had to come up with four ‘X’ words—NO EXCEPTIONS. Forget the fact that the audience is two years old and are in the beginning stages of developing their vocabulary. She had to come up with four words! Here they are:
1) x-ray (good word, good picture, no complaints)
2) xylophone (no brainer)
3) xenops
4) xenosaurus

What? Are you serious? Would this have been the appropriate time to go to the letter worksheet boss (the guy over letter AND number worksheets) and say, “hey boss, since ‘X’ is a difficult letter, I am thinking of only putting 2 ‘X’ pictures on the worksheet this week. Will that be a problem?” Maybe she did. All companies also have politics. Maybe the boss at Letters and Numbers Worksheets, Inc. responded with “sorry, rookie worksheet maker, but the policy clearly states ALL worksheets must have four pictures.” Who I am to judge?

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