Monday, March 27, 2006

Bring It On...

So, the guy that hired me (no longer my boss) has challenged me to a weight competition. The first person to lose 20 pounds wins. I decided I could approach the challenge in one of two ways:

1) be really offended that he chose me for his ‘fat’ contest
2) say “what the heck, I’m in"

I opted for #2. Nothing like a little friendly competition to help me shed some pounds. The last time I entered a weight competition, I got pregnant the second week. I had to put the well being of my second born over my competitive nature. By that I mean I wasn’t able to cheat and take diuretics like some of the other entrants. I lost 10 pounds which was a good starting point for the 50 I added during the remainder of my pregnancy. This time though, I am not pregnant. After I decided I would accept his challenge, I drove home and ran 50 flights of stairs, did 30 push-ups, 30 dips, and nearly threw up. Bring it on! What is funny is that he is one of the few people I would describe being as competitive as myself. He is fasting for the first 3 days, and working out every day. However, he must see that I am a true threat, because you should hear him already self-handicapping. It is so funny. He’s right though. There is nothing standing in my way. No birthday. No fajita party. No all you can eat sushi. Stock the tuna aisle Wal-Mart. Jeff, let’s order new carpet for the stairs. I am gonna win this thing if it kills me. Expect to see me down by 20 in the next 3 weeks.

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