Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Lesson #1868

From Day 1 as a parent, lessons are learned continuously by all involved parties.
The child is learning lessons (example: Lesson #657 Putting 7 pieces of hot dog in your mouth at one time will make you throw up)
The parents are learning lessons (example: Lesson #1482 Forcing your child to eat a cucumber when he is saying no will make him throw up)
Even the dog is learning lessons (example: Lesson #52 If you eat a dirty diaper, it will make you throw up)
Yesterday I learned yet another. Lesson #1868. Do not “run into” the mall with 2 small children and only 1 stroller…. especially if you happen to be purchasing 3 large wall hangings that you will have to carry out….during dinner time…without a pacifier…into a very cluttered store where 95% of the merchandise is breakable. Most of you probably already knew that lesson. I probably did too at one point, but like I have said before, many times all parental logic goes out the window. In the name of a running a “quick” errand, this was one of those times. I will spare the details, but know that it involved knocking 3 things over in Kirklands, saying “do not touch” 129 times, taking a break to regroup, a Cinnabon bribery, and looking like an idiot struggling to carry 50 pounds of awkward sized merchandise out of the store while pushing a screaming baby and calling out to a meandering two year old behind me. Needless to say I was a little stressed as I struggled to get the kids in the car during what I will call one of Hayden’s “by myself” moments (Kellie has a video of what type of moment I am referring to here). So you can imagine my tone when a lady pulled up next to my car during all of this and asked for directions and had the audacity to get snippy when I didn’t specify exactly how to exit the row in the parking lot. Lesson learned, until next time.

This morning it became apparent there is a generation gap between Hayden and I when it comes to the subject of sleep. I was awoken by Hayden tapping my shoulder saying, “Mommy wake up…the sun is out…you don’t have to sleep anymore.”
You don’t have to?
Have to?
I corrected him and said “no, I don’t get to sleep anymore.”
At what age does our philosophy on sleep change? When does a child realize what a privilege it is? Somewhere between 2 and 25, I guess.

In honor of March Madness, I took some pictures of the boys in their basketball jerseys. I feel the pictures deserve some explanation. Why is Hayden wearing an orange basketball jersey, you ask? It is a parenting strategy Jeff and I call reverse psychology. We figure if we spend the next 16 years convincing Hayden that UT is the best school, by the time he is 18, the only school he will even consider will be A&M. You may think this is a weak strategy, but it works for everything else.
Hayden, don’t eat that broccoli.
Hayden, don’t go potty, whatever you do.
Hayden, please don’t bring me that pacifier.
However, we do use it sparingly, because we don’t want him to grow up thinking every day is opposite day. Of course, the opposite of opposite day is non-opposite day anyway, so I guess it wouldn’t matter (you with me, Kristie?). From his one track mind to his independence, I am definitely reminded on a daily basis that he is my child. The “I love you’s” and the “You’re Pretty’s” outweigh it all. He is such a blessing. Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to raising Davis. My bet right now is that he is more like easy-going-let-everything-roll-off-your-back-Jeff. Wishful thinking, maybe. It’s only fair though!

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