Friday, March 17, 2006

You Can't Win 'Em All

Today is St. Patrick’s Day so I attempted to dress the boys in green. I use the word attempted, because Hayden has a style of his own. Davis is in a kelly-green sweat suit and looks very festive. Hayden, however, felt that grey was the new green, and opted to wear his grey pants with his different-shade-of-grey Buzz Lightyear shirt and Mr. Incredible watch (the same watch, according to Hayden, that Mr. Incredible actually wore in the movie). So, not only is he not wearing green today, his outfit does not match colors, or even superheroes for that matter. We pleaded with him for about 5 minutes, trying to explain the importance of St. Patrick’s Day, the color green, and the pinches he would get if he did not wear green. He was willing to take that risk, and I was tired of arguing. Then I realized that Buzz on the shirt was wearing green, so I told him to announce “Buzz Lightyear has green on” when he walked into his classroom this morning to prevent being pinched. I should have also told him to say, “I pick out clothes myself, but I do own clothes that match.” But I figure that’s obvious. I did feel the need to point that out to the stranger that commented how cute he was on the way in to school. Anyway, in our quest for St. Patrick’s Day festivity, we totally forgot that it was show and tell today—the letter “W”. It did not even occur to me until I was walking out of his classroom and overheard Ms. Ashley say, “oh Hayden, you’re wearing your watch for show-and-tell.” Whew! Good call Hayden!

The daily ritual when I leave work and pick up the kids goes exactly like this (99% of the time):
I pick up Davis in his classroom
I pick up Hayden in his classroom
We get a cereal snack for the grueling 6 mile drive home
Hayden spills half the cereal in the hall way
Hayden points out the picture of himself in the hall way
We walk out the door of daycare and Hayden insists we “go outside”
He “walks on the ledge”
He jumps off the ledge and “sticks it” – (the gymnast in me encourages that)
He searches in the grass for an acorn (takes about 2 minutes to find just the right one)
We walk the rest of the way to the car and Hayden climbs in from the opposite side to get into his car seat “by himself”

Yesterday, we were fortunate enough to do steps 1-10 twice. I forgot my purse and keys in Davis’ classroom, but didn’t realize it until I had walked the 100 yards to my car, buckled both the kids in, and went to put the stroller in the trunk. What a day! Also, during step 9 (the second time around) he picked up two acorns and handed them to me and said, “look mom, dos acorns”. I was shocked. I knew he said Ola and Adios, but numbers in Spanish? I took three years of Spanish, and that is about all I got out of it. He’s way ahead of the game.

And speaking of how smart Hayden is, last night we had a conversation with him that went something like this:
Me: Hayden, you have your underwear on backwards. Take them off and turn them around.

Hayden: No, I do not have my underwear on backwards, they are forwards.

Me: No, they are actually backwards, but wow, you know your opposites. Wat is the opposite of inside?

Hayden: Mr. Incredible.

Me: No…it’s outside. The opposite of inside is outside….okay, what is the opposite of inside?

Hayden: underwear.

Me: No…it’s outside. The opposite of inside is outside. What is the opposite of hot?

Hayden: The sun.

Me: No, the opposite of hot is cold. So, what is the opposite of hot?

Hayden: Underwear.

Me: No, the opposite of hot is cold. So, what is the opposite of hot?

Hayden: Mr. Incredible.

Me: Never mind, fix your underwear, they’re backwards!

Hayden: No, I do not have my underwear on backwards, they are forwards.
Me: Okay, whatever!

So, I guess we got a little ahead of ourselves. He doesn’t actually know his opposites yet, and he probably doesn’t know Spanish yet either. It was just a fluke. But I am sure he is still advanced. After all, he remembered to wear a watch on show and tell 'W' day.

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