Friday, February 17, 2006

A Little Background

Now for the fun part….the latest funny happenings on Hayden and Davis. Hayden is hilarious. He is learning new things everyday. He loves to say the alphabet, and he doesn’t just stick to the basics. He’s changed it up a bit. He without fail, every time, skips the letters H, I, J and T, U, V. Knowing this, at first I would try to sing over him at that point in the song. He couldn’t stand this and immediately would stop and say, “No mommy, MY song!” and start the song over. My motto with Hayden is “choose your battles”. Recently, I have decided this is one battle I will put off for a later date. I have no idea when or how we’ll solve this problem. I’ll give him that the letter ‘V’ is not overly used and you could probably do without, but ‘H’ is an integral part of his first name.

He is now saying his own prayers nightly, and it is quite interesting to see how the mind of a two-year old works. Here are the latest few:

Dear Lorse,
Thank you for Jesus, and for the doctor, and for cookies and mommy, daddy, and davis. Amen.

Dear Lorse,
Thank you for Jesus, and for firetrucks, and firemens, and aminals and mommy, and granddad, and mimi. Amen.

Davis is also changing on a daily basis. Seriously, I think we loosen the straps on his carseat on every day. We went to the doctor a week ago and he weighed just over 14 pounds. Dr. Herrera was so impressed with his strength and awareness. Now that he is able to hold his own toys, Hayden is starting to show more interest in him, and share his toys. Davis doesn’t take his eyes off of Hayden when they are in the same room. It is going to be so much fun to watch them grow up together. I will try to post a video of Hayden picking Davis up “taking him to the train” once I have more confidence that no one will report me to CPS.

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