Friday, February 17, 2006

Starting NOW...

I have spent my whole life complaining to my mom that she was not a good historian with my life. Glancing through our family albums, it looks as though they lost their camera around 1979. The few pictures I do appear in, I look like I was adopted….bowl haircut, cow-lick at center front, cool-aid mustache, clothes that don’t match. Needless to say, talent agents weren’t seeking me out at the neighborhood H&M.

Now that I have two kids of my own, I regret ever giving her a hard time over this subject…not all subjects, but this one particular subject. When you have a baby, or two for that matter, it is difficult to find the time for laundry, dishes, shaving, reading magazines, and other basic life chores. (Notice I didn’t mention eating….unfortunately I can always find time for that).

How people find time for baby books, scrapbooks, or just taking pictures amazes me. Before Hayden was born, I stocked up on all kinds of scrapbooks and baby book essentials. Probably hundred of dollars worth of stuff purchased with good intentions. I disappoint myself. I have two whole scrapbook pages complete for Hayden. At the rate of one a year, I don’t know how impressive the final product will look. For poor Davis, I didn’t even fool myself into buying a scrapbook. I figured I would have more luck filling in the blanks in a baby book. To date, only his name and birthday are filled in. When page two got into questions like “Things we did to prepare for your arrival”, I am having a difficult time putting a positive spin on “We bought Hayden all new big boy furniture so that you could use his hand-me-downs….we were so excited for your arrival.” In my defense, I did go and purchase extra big letters that say D-A-V-I-S, so that I could make it his own. So, in the name of efficiency, I will attempt to record precious memories, update family and friends, and optimize my time by writing on this blog.

Let me just say this before I get the “I-thought-you-said-you-were-busy” email from Jeff, Kellie, or my mom. I am busy. I am very busy. Busier than I have ever been at work, but family comes first! Oh, and the fact that I had a meeting canceled today that was expected to last 3-4 hours. It is 5:00 now, so I will get to the updating part tomorrow.

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