Monday, February 20, 2006

I'm Curious...

Our big event for this weekend was a trip out to Cinemark to watch Curious George the movie. Against the weatherman’s advice, we made our way out on the icy roads for a little bonding time with the boys and Mimi. Speaking of curiosity, I’ll tell you a few things I’m curious about….(Quick side note: Jeff says I overuse the phrase ‘speaking of…’ regardless of whether or not we were actually ‘speaking of’ that subject. In this case it works though!)

Things I am curious about:
1) How many of you knew Curious George does not talk throughout the ENTIRE movie?
2) Why does a movie made in 2005 look like it was made in 1965?
3) How did that movie get such good reviews that it was SOLD OUT at the first theatre we went to?

Kellie gave rave reviews of the movie… “it was hilarious”.
Jeff “liked” it, but thought it was “really short” (most likely because he spent 65 of the 77 minutes in the movie ASLEEP). In all fairness, Hayden seemed to really enjoy it. However, it is hard to tell if he actually liked the movie or the fact that he got to hold the box of Goobers during the movie. Davis slept through most of it, but still managed to see more than Jeff.

The second big event for the weekend was starting the huge task of packing for the ski trip. We don’t leave until Friday, but since it takes us 1 hour and 17 minutes to get out of the house on a normal day, we thought we better get a jump start on it. Since I am a list maker, my first step was to make a list. I will spare you the list by item, but Jeff and I were left trying to come up with a game plan on how we are going to get 2 babies, 3 suitcases, 2 car seats, 1 stroller, 1 pack and play, 1 carry-on, and a partridge in a pear tree to Denver and back, and still find time to ski. After reviewing the list, I was too overwhelmed to get started, but Jeff made and attempt (I’m a think-er, Jeff is a do-er). Just for the record, Jeff and I have packed our own stuff already and it fits in one, count it ONE suitcase (and it’s not a ‘Kellie suitcase’ the size of a dining room table either). Do the math; that means by adding 2 small children to the family you increase the number of luggage items by 7…definitely NOT proportionate.

Hayden taught me a valuable lesson over the weekend….to thank God for the little things. In his prayers over the weekend, he mentioned the usual; Mommy, Curious George, Daddy, Davis, etc. (in no particular order), but also stopped to say thanks for some things I, for one, am guilty of taking for granted.
“… and thank you for the phone, and for cookies…”
At first I chuckled (no, not out loud Mimi…that would be rude), and then I realized he was right! After all, it is Girl Scout cookie season…we should all be thankful for that! And although my cell phone and cordless phone only work about 5% of the time, I can’t imagine what I would do that 5% of the time if I didn’t have them.

Speaking of Girl Scout cookies and ski clothes (well, sort of)… In case anyone hasn’t seen me lately, due to the Girl Scout cookie season, I am not actually a size 8 anymore. I know everyone is thinking to themselves, “remind me again when you were” to which I reply “I have NO idea, but for some reason I own a pair of size 8 ski pants”. That brings me to the third thing I did this weekend; shopping at the overpriced Sun and Ski for ski pants. In all honesty, I can’t blame it ALL on the Girl Scout cookies, but between that, pregnancy, and a husband that suggests Chipotle every other night for dinner, it’s clearly not my fault! However, the optimist in me reasoned that I would be a size 8 by the next ski season, and didn’t allow me to buy the pants once I realized 20% off of $245 is still a lot of money. I don’t how much it is, but it is a lot! (an inside joke for those of you who knew Mason). Fortunately, I was able to borrow a pair and keep the wishful thinking. They will go great with my 2 new $7.98 jackets (just had to brag, I am such a bargain hunter).

In other news, in case any of you didn’t check the comments, Aunt Amy had a great idea to bring Thomas the Train (triple ‘T’) in on Friday for Show and Tell since this week they are learning the letter ‘T’. Although it was a great idea (and would be the clear winner), the guidance for this week is to bring in your favorite Teddy Bear. Hayden’s favorite teddy bear is not even a bear….it is a cow, so this is going to be tough week for victory. I guess I could bring in the 4 foot Teddy bear that Jeff gave me for our first Valentines together, but I am afraid that may be too over the top, and I am more of what you would call a “subtle competitor”.

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