Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The early worm gets pancakes…by Jeff

This morning started out similar to all other mornings. Davis starts to whimper 10 minutes before the alarm clock goes off. Then Lisa tries to keep his pacifier in his mouth until she can get me awake to go make a bottle. After making the bottle, I get back to bed just in time to hear the alarm go off. I figured since I was already awake, I would go ahead and feed him. Davis did great with the bottle. He sucked it all down and then proceeded to sit quietly while I was off to start my morning routine. I started the coffee, brushed my teeth, took a shower, got dressed and ready for work. And when I was about to go upstairs to get Hayden, I realized that the clock on the nightstand was 1 hour fast. What a rip off. I guess that is what happens when you let a two year old play with the radio. This was a crucial moment to decide whether or not to take my clothes off and go back to bed or make the most of the situation. I decided for the latter and made myself and Hayden a delicious breakfast consisting pecan pancakes and scrambled eggs. Then I did all of the dishes, folded a load of clothes, started another load of laundry, and packed the car for Lisa. This is the main difference between Lisa and me, when she lives by the motto that the early worm gets eaten by the bird, I say the early worm gets pancakes.

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