Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Things That Are Contagious - Part 2

In addition to the never ending line of germs that are brought home on a daily basis (my immune system is on overdrive at this point!), there is also a unique dialect that is often transferred from one person to the next.

The person most responsible for creating new Lyle catchphrases is definitely Blake. 

There is just something about the way he says new phrases so confidently that leads everyone in the house to make fun of him for a day or two -- and then join him and start repeating the phases unconsciously by Day 3. 

If you have been around Blake within the last month, you've heard him shout, "THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' BOUT!" with a growl in his voice. 

If you haven't, here's a video - but just know this video doesn't do it justice, because as Blake knows - it's all about the timing. Nathan's also picked up on this, although it sounds more like a single word than a catchphrase"TAS-I-TAK-BOUT". (In this video, Nathan also says "What the Heck?" at the end).

Close Enough. 

Blake also starts every sentence with 'Soooo'. 

This is probably the one I am most guilty of copying and using in my day-to-day conversations now. I literally have to go back and edit all of my blogs and take out about 15 "so's" before I hit publish.

Then there's the more controversial words that little brothers have the tendency to pick up from big brothers. 

FART, for example. 

I hate this word. The boys know this. 

Blake loves this word, but he also knows at age three to tailor his "boy talk" in front of me. 

"That was a Big Fart!" he'll boast, and then his eyes will dart to me across the room and he'll correct himself without prompting "I mean it was a little toot, Mom."

Last month, he also picked up the phrase, "What Tha?!?" when referring to anything, EVERYTHING that he was excited / confused / happy about.

This led to the following conversation one night at dinner: 

Mom: New Rule!
No one is allowed to say 'What Tha?!?' anymore. 
You can say 'What the heck?!' or you can say 'Holy Macaroni' if something surprises you. 
Blake: What Tha?!?
Can I say Holy Macaroni and Cheese instead?
Mom: Yes.

Then, for the following three weeks, every time he would have a desire to say it, he would instead launch a whole recap of that New Rule.

Blake: What the Heck Mom!
Can I say that?
I can say 'What the Heck', right?
But I can't say 'What Tha' Right?
But I can say 'Holy Macaroni and Cheese'! 
Sooooooo, now that he has the whole house walking around saying 'Holy Macaroni and Cheese' -'What The Heck', he's over it.

He's moved on.

Somewhere along the line he has gotten 'Should you' and 'Could you' mixed up, which actually makes for some very funny requests.

Should you make me a cup of milk?
Should we watch Thomas the Train now? 
Should we NOT take a nap today?
Should you find the iPad for me? 
Should we go to the park?

It's actually brilliant on Blake's part, because it turns a simple request into more of a recommendation than a demand. Like we are just two adults brainstorming the plans for the day.

It was so cute for the first couple of days - but the cuteness is wearing off when it is combined with his hard head. He doesn't take No for an answer.

Blake: Should you make me a cup of milk?
Mom: No, not right now buddy. You can have some milk at lunchtime. 
Blake: But SHOULD you make me some? (with extra emphasis on the SHOULD)

I have to constantly remind myself that he is just experimenting with his words, rather than taking a jab at my mothering abilities. 

Then 7:30 p.m. rolls around. 
The day finally winds down and the kids are tucked away in bed.
I slide into my clock jammies, put on my fuzzy socks and turn to Jeff and say,
"Soooo....should you turn on the Bachelor for me?"


Anonymous said...

The video is not working. "Should" you try to fix it for me?
I love the blog! That Blake is one funny fellow!

Love you!

Fun Kellie said...

this cracked me up!! love the ending bachelor 'recommendation'!

M said...

LOL! Love it! Drew mixes up can't and don't. "I can't want to!" Ummm...yeah, you can!

Betty said...

I don't know how you can ever keep a straight face around those two boys. So cute.