Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dear Nathan,

You are two years old today.

The craziest part about this is that I want to simultaneously say 'how is that even possible?' and  'it seems like you've been a part of this family forever'.

You are the most easy going baby big boy in the world!

Take note: I said easy GOING, not EASY.

Big Difference.

You are totally go-with-the-flow and always up for the whatever adventure the day holds - looking up at us with those big blue eyes waiting to be drug along to the next sporting event of one of your older brothers.

Nap times are flexible. Eating times are flexible. You potty trained yourself. You can be held by anyone.

Sounds easy enough, right?

Not so fast.

You have single-handedly turned the baby safety industry on it's head. Baby Proofing Executives everywhere need to go back to their drawing board and figure out new ways to keep you out of stuff.

"Pffff, plugs and doorknobs? That's all you've got?" you scoff!


"How about you try to baby-proof the top of a kitchen table? Or the knife compartment in the dish washer? Then we can talk about safety!"

Sure, the spankings you get sting for a minute - but the adrenaline rush you must get from dumping out a brand-new bowl of dog food into the water bowl - or filling up a pitcher of water and pouring it in my closet - or getting toilet paper wet in the potty and throwing it onto the walls and ceiling- must make it all worth it.

So to celebrate this year, we did what we've done the past two years - we all got deathly sick. Around here, we prefer to stay well for 11 months out of the year - and then knock out ALL OF THE illnesses in one single month. And that month just so happens to be your birth month.

Happy Birthday Buddy! Pass The Germs!

This year, it was just like when you were born on that cold February day two years ago. Hayden had just gotten over strep, and Blake was diagnosed with RSV and the flu and a terrible rash....because Davis doesn't wash his hands enough. OBVIOUSLY.

The day before you were born, I just felt off so I went to the hospital to get checked out.

In hindsight, I think it was more of me just wanting a break from all the sickness in the house - than so-called mother's intuition.  But God was watching over you - even before you had graced us with your presence. He introduced us four weeks early because UNBEKNOWNST TO ME, my water had broken.

See, stuff like that happens when you are busy doing life. Your water breaks and you have absolutely NO IDEA.

Your whole birth was such a blur. In fact, I was in such a state of delirium that at one point a nurse came into give me medicine and asked me to verify my name and birthday and I literally had to cheat and look at my wristband for the answer.

True story.

I guess if I'm being honest, it would be fair to admit that your whole first year was a blur. When you turned one, I realized I had forgotten to order your birth certificate. You know, you're the fourth kid - so small details like a BIRTH CERTIFICATE tend to get overlooked.

But no worries. We got it ordered. You are official now.

Happy 2nd Birthday Buster Brown! I love the way you give bear hugs. I love how you have the best manners in the family. I love how you jump up and down in your crib - always so excited to start your day. I love that you love my cooking and are the first to the dinner table. I love how much you adore your big brothers. I love that God finally decided to use some of my genes in the making of Baby #4.

I love you more than words can describe!



Anonymous said...

What a perfect blog for the birthday boy!! He is a little Lisa and I love that since all the others are little Jeffs(I love all of them too.). He is so easy going, so I am not sure why you guys refer to him as TAZ. I am glad that when he come to our house he does not get into mischief (knock on wood).

Love you!

Betty said...

Happy birthday Nathan. You are adorable. I do love that he lets me love and hug on him. Unlike his older brother by a year! I can't imagine him doing all of those bad things! He is so sweet.

Renae said...

Sweet Pics of your boy on his birthday!