Sunday, September 9, 2012

{Labor} & Goals

It's ironic that this labor day was the first official day of my "retirement".

Either that or the first day of the hardest job ever, depending on which camp you fall into.

I'm still undecided.

But I do know that I am ready for what this next chapter brings. In honor of the first day of my new career, I've decided to adapt my corporate goals to my stay at home goals. The wording may seem a little strong, but that's what 10 years of editing my goals with a little known trick called "right click - find synonym" will do for you.

It has worked so far through four different jobs so there is no reason for me to think that with a little editing, they can't apply to my stay at home job as well.

If you are lucky, maybe I will have Jeff evaluate me at year end and do a performance appraisal. Don't get your hopes up though, because if it is anything like the corporate world, I will end up writing my own year end appraisal.

If that's the case, here's a SPOILER ALERT - I will probably end up rated very highly.


Goal Statement: Demonstrate leadership and teamwork and improve overall satisfaction communication of the team family as well as managing extracurricular activities.

Goal Indicators:

1. Assume ownership role of 2012 profit family planning process including coordination of profit planning process health care checks, practice schedules, daily chores, communication with Executive Management Jeff, routine errands, and payment of bills.
2. Meet at least  bi-weekly daily with each Direct Report kid to discuss open issues and provide feedback. Each associate kid should be given the option to discuss progress on goals and be given constructive feedback on progress. (Note: to engage the associates kids in contributing to this process, they are expected to come prepared to discuss specific feedback needs.)
3. Increase communication between myself and my peers/direct reports Jeff by offering recognition and feedback when deserved as well as scheduling routine date nights.
4. Implement learnings from IDP program and 360 feedback Pinterest and continue to enroll in company sponsored as well as outside training classes try new recipes and keep the house maintained.
Goal Statement: Provide leadership, guidance and financial homework consulting to the Region Budget Function Hayden and Davis for the ongoing Building our Business "Straight A" initiative.

Goal Indicators:
1. Bring consistency in message, processes and responsibilities to all 5 regions 4 kids.

2. Prioritize and focus on issues that will help the Regions kids obtain their goals.

3. Provide ad hoc support to other areas as needed (i.e. special projects, vocabulary parade, book report, etc.).
4. Assure proper monitoring by tracking key financial metrics daily notebook and reading journal.
Goal Statement: Support the Profit Planning Potty Training process for Blake, as well as improvements to the schedule including additional reporting regular nap times. Become Make Blake more self sufficient in the BPC Profit Planning system.
Goal Indicators:
1.     Learn to identify key reports rewards to encourage good behavior and provide sufficient guidance to Data Owners Blake as they he submit their 2011 budgets by store potty trains in November 2012.
2.     Lead team effort ensuring all critical issues temper tantrums experienced in 2011 are addressed prior to the 2012 Christmas season.


Goal Statement: Support the goal of optimizing profitability of core businesses Nathan learning to crawl and sit up. 

Goal Indicators:

1. Provide support to stores, districts and regions Nathan throughout the year on profit plan and operating statement issues muscle building and stimulation.
2. Enhance the planning, operational and financial analysis playtime on the ground by providing recommended changes to the his crawling methodology.


Emily Boles said...

Well, you are most certainly the most prepared Mom CEO I know! You're kids will be the best!

Betty said...

Sounds like a lot of work to me! This is probably the hardest job ever but the most satifying. Plus, I love all the blogs you have time for now.

Fun Kellie said...

Uhm, great new 'goals'...but being a past 'peer' review evaluator, I must add my own suggestions. These may not make the official annual goals, but at least deserve an IDP. Improve effort to make your left behind 'coffee break buddy" feel less 'left behind', including but not limited to, extended lunches, holiday shopping trips, continued blog write-ups and instagram photo updates. Let's set a 3 month timeline and we'll reassess your progress at that point.