Tuesday, September 25, 2012

{Hot} Air Balloon Festival - AKA: The Boon Festival

Last weekend, we went to my favorite festival of all time...the hot air balloon festival.

It's become somewhat of a tradition to go every year but we have had to skip out the last couple of years because of the babies. So this year, when we got a flier in the mail a couple of months ago, Hayden was so excited to show his younger brothers the hot air balloons. We went on Saturday evening and once the sun set, the weather was amazing. It's sort of a beating to get to with all the traffic but totally worth it once you do finally arrive.

Blake LOVED it but I can't say it had anything to do with the hot air balloons.

In fact, I am not even certain he noticed the hot air balloons.

With all the talk about balloons, he became fixated on all the little yellow latex balloons that were being passed out to the kids. And when those kids would inevitably drop their balloons, and they would float up into the sky - Blake would squeal with glee.

"BOON!" he'd shout as he pointed to a tiny spec in the sky...over and over and over.

Each time more excited than the last.

And in addition to watching small yellow latex balloons float away, we also enjoyed roasted corn on the cob (which almost resulted in the fall of Davis' front baby tooth), greasy corn dogs and the company of Mimi and Granddad!

And when evening rolled around, we watched the balloons glow in the night sky.


Mimi said...

I love the Balloon Festival too. However, we did have a few "minor" glitches getting there. Dad jumping out of the car with Blake, so Blake would not miss the balloon launch was an epoch fail. His heart was right, but his aforethought not good. He forgot he did not have his phone, and I did not have cash to park or get in with. After fighting traffic twice (once to go to the ATM machine), I finally got there, you found dad, and we all had a great time. I hope next year goes a little smoother.

Love you,

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