Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Hayden and I have decided to tackle this list of

He's decided it's lame to do them in order though,
and how can I argue with that? I am a thirty two year
old grown up that has no idea what is "lame" and what is cool.

So behold:
Make your own treasure hunt.
Make a map (burn the edges to make it look like an old pirate map)
and show how to get to the "treasure".

For this project, we bought giant jewels at Michael's for $2.99 (think Kellie's ring). 
Hayden has had his eye on these for awhile now.

Each kid buried their own treasure,  
created a treasure map, and then searched for the other two buried treasures.

Technically, this is an activity that can be repeated every weekend
but of course, we don't have time for that because
we have 99 other projects to do between now and September!  
The boy in the middle is the neighbor.


Mimi said...

Very cool! Did they find each other's treasures?

Fun Kellie said...

so are such a cool mom! i'm not sure where you get the energy or find the time, but it's inspiring!

Kim said...

I'm adding that to my list of things to do!