Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 25: Unusual

Alternately titled: PAYBACK

Last Thursday I was locked out of my car by my dog.

That's her above, laughing at us.

I took her Thursday morning to get her haircut.

I dropped off the little boys at school,
then dropped off Angel at the dog groomer across the street.

Then at the end of the day, around 4:40, I glanced at my phone
on the way back from a meeting and noticed I had
three missed calls and three voicemails.

The tone in the voicemails got progressively more annoyed but
apparently the dog groomer had decided to close early that day
"since they weren't busy" and the owner had said they could go home at 4:30.

In the voicemail, she made sure to tell me that they were staying open "late"
waiting on us to pick up Angel...and oh by the way,
she could tell Angel was "very ready to go home too."

Since Angel doesn't regularly talk at our house,
I found that line especially funny, but as it turns out
Angel was in fact ticked off and determined to get revenge.

I immediately left work and was able to pick her up by 4:55.

I then pretended to apologize to the lady*,
followed by a pretend apology to Angel**.

Then I drove across the street to pick up the two little boys (that had been there all day)
and the two big boys (that were bussed there after school).

In an effort to be nice to Angel and so that it didn't get too hot,
I left the car running and ran inside.

Angel must have sensed my insincerity in the apology because she proceeded to
step on the door lock and lock us out.

But of course...OF COURSE I didn't figure it out until AFTER I
walked outside holding the baby carrier on my left arm and Blake on my right hip
while Hayden and Davis circled around us like bees.

Enter: Jeff to the Rescue within 15 minutes!

But during those 15 minutes, we were quite the scene
as we blocked the drive through lane at the daycare.

Let's just say it wasn't one of those days were other moms walked by me and said,
Wow! I just don't know how you do it all!

*I wasn't actually sorry - you can't just change your hours in the middle of the day Ms. Dog Groomer!

**I wasn't actually sorry to Angel either. She should be thankful for her spa day.
Her haircuts cost more than the rest of us combined. This apology was just to look like a good dog owner.

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