Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 23: Technology

In honor of "technology" day, I thought I would reveal my google history with a little explanation of why I was searching for what.
Please note when you look at the searches below, Hayden was behind all of the Yoda searching. Either typing it in himself or tapping me on the shoulder at 6am, handing me the iPad and dictating the search criteria.
There was a solid two weeks of daily searching for How to Make the Origami Yoda on the Cover of the book, The Strange Case of the Origami Yoda, written by Tom Angleberger.
Apparently there are thousands of other people out there looking for the instructions and supposedly Tom (the author) made the origami yoda for the cover and then forgot how he did it.
At least that is what the YouTube video that Hayden has watched no less than 400 times says.

May Google Searches
  • All origami yodas like on the cover of the book (Hayden)
  • (It's been two years, I'm over the minivan!)
  • Easy origami yodas and advanced (Hayden)
  • Chilis kids eat free (because we’re cheap)

  • Grilled chicken teriyaki with pineapple (related to the note search above
  • MOPS Plano (planning ahead for the fall)
  • Origami yoda cover (Hayden)
  • Rapid rewards promotion code (I'm the proud owner of a new Southwest credit card, and I earned two free flights)
  • Small origami yoda like on the cover (Hayden)
  • Southwest chili (I have no idea why I looked this up - it's not even chili season)
  • Texas lottery mega millions (because we needed to know when we were going to win)
  • How to make origami yodas like Tom Angleberger
  • The float spot (because there was a Groupon)
  • Roughriders 2012 schedule (because I just scored free tickets from work)
  • Mckinney Amber Alert (I take those very seriously, especially when I am within a couple of miles of where the alert went out)
  • Gary Sinise picture (came up at dinner that this is Brandon’s doppelganger {Kellie’s Brandon})
  • Doppleganger (just now, because I needed to make sure that was the right spelling/term
  • Bermuda triangle (our neighbors were going and we needed to know how worried we should be for them)
  • Vintage Spiderman (Hayden was curious about the different Spiderman versions - he is still undecided on this favorite)
  • Hits 400 (a new batting cage in the area)
  • Yogi Bears Burleson (campsite that comes highly recommended by Kim)
  • Destination Science Plano (a cool robot summer camp)
  • Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride (to solve an argument about whether this is the same as Benydryl – I lost that one by the way)
  • Journey kids (looking for Sperry’s for Blake – enjoying my last year of dressing him before he has an opinion)
    In other news, life today must be tons easier than the life of the mom in 1985 when you had to rely on an encyclopedia and the yellow pages for stuff like this. And since we only owned the 'A' encyclopedia, it made life that much more difficult for us. Science projects, Research papers all had to have topics that started with the letter A.
    Kids these days just don't know how good they've got it....but just ask me one day about ant-eaters and Australia.

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the hoang family said...

Very clever, I enjoyed it!