Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 13: Mom

First off, let me say Happy Mother's Day to my Momma!

Thanks for still being my mom no matter how old I am.

Even though technically speaking, I'm a grown up now,
you are still the one I call when I am sick and need to go to the doctor.
I know that if I called you right this moment with a tummy ache,
you would drop everything and drive over with a tamiflu if you thought it would help me.
(Your purse is basically a drive through pharmacy).

You are still my favorite person to shop with,
and not just because you hang up all the clothes after I try them on.
(But that definitely gives you bonus points).

You are still the best person to share a happy hour with (Sonic, that is).

I still consult your with parenting questions,
and even when it seems like I'm not listening, I am.
(only because you did such a good job raising me).

You are the best, most trust worthy baby-sitter to my kids
even if you give them marshmallows before dinner.
(That's what makes Mimi's special).

Even grown ups need moms like you.
I love you!


In honor of my ninth Mother's Day as a mom,
here are NINE things to describe Motherhood.

Motherhood is:

1) Cuddling, and coming to the realization that a
25 pound baby can somehow take up 75% of a king size bed

2) Never being afraid to wipe a snotty nose

3) Toting kids from one activity to the next and always being willing
to turn around when someone inevitably forgets something

4) Learning how to spank without getting laughed at

5) Having band aids in your purse, paired with a hug to heal almost anything
(even if it is an imaginary wound)

6) Perfecting the art of walking while holding a infant car seat,
a wiggly toddler, a purse, and a diaper bag.

7) Fine-tuning your toddler-distraction skills at restaurants

8) Knowing that the severity of the injury is directly correlated
with the length of the quiet pause before the crying starts

9) Revising your expectations of a relaxing bath

1 comment:

Mimi said...

Thanks for all the accolades!! I love being your mom. You and Matt made parenting easy (most of the time). Now you are the mom and a great one I might add. Those boys are so blessed to have you (and Jeff) as parents.

I love you!