Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rock On

Nathan is a super sweet baby and thankfully it was a pretty easy transition a couple of weeks ago when I started back to work. He has the same teachers Blake had just a short time ago, so we have a great rapport with each other and I know that they spoil him rotten during the day.

And now that Blake is walking in by himself, the whole drop off and pick up is pretty uneventful, especially if you
overlook that one day when I accidentally dropped Blake off without shoes.
(In my defense, he loves to take his shoes off 5 minutes before we leave.) 
Over the weekend, Nathan turned eight weeks old.

With the risk of sounding trite, Time Flies!

As far as I am concerned, 8 weeks isn't a huge milestone, but I think it means we can start counting his life in months instead of weeks now.
That may not sound like a big deal, but it requires a lot less thought and calculating, which is nice when I am facing lack of sleep.

Speaking of lack of sleep, I have another funny
Jeff's-hallucinating-in-his-sleep-deprived-state story.
(See here for the first one)

Last night was "my night" with Nathan, if you will.
It was a decent night.
He slept for about 6 hours straight.
Unfortunately, he started his beauty sleep at 8pm, and I didn't start mine until 11pm, so once again I didn't take full advantage of his sleeping habits.

I don't know if it was a burp or Nathan's grunting but sometime during the feeding Jeff half way woke up, turned to face me and acknowledged that we were both awake.

I mentioned how slow Nathan was eating, and that's when Jeff piped up that he had an idea for the nights.

"What is it?" I said as I bounced the baby
on my shoulder hoping for another big burp.

He paused for longer than normal and I
anxiously awaited his impending idea.

Was he going to say we should feed him more?
Feed him earlier?
Feed him later?
Add rice to his bottle?
Sleep in separate rooms?

"What was his idea?" I thought.

Thirty seconds or so passed, before he started again.

"We just need to find someone that offers guitar lessons to babies during the night. I already found one person that teaches both acoustic and electric guitar."

Clearly, there is not a lot of restful sleep going on around here.

And while I welcome all ideas on the subject, I think an infant learning to play an electric guitar in the middle of the night might be worse than a hungry infant. 

But I'm just guessing.


Aunt Amy said...

Nathan you are definitely the first Lyle boy to spell his own name at 8 weeks old. :) Too cute !!!

Fun Kellie said...

such a fun idea...cute!!

I'm Cindi... said...
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I'm Cindi... said...

You always, always make me laugh. This is best thing I've read since the middle of last week! Love it!! And I'm so glad getting back to work has been going well. It took me months to adjust!

Mimi said...

So cute!! Jeff just cracks me up. Let me know how those middle of the night guitar lessons go.

Love you guys,