Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 11: Where I Sleep

Unfortunately, there is not much sleeping going on these days at the Lyle Household.
Not much consistent sleeping anyway, thanks to Baby Nathan.

But when we do start sleeping 8-10 hour nights again, this is where it will be.
In our geriatric hospital bed.


I recommend that everyone gets a hospital bed with a remote control. Besides the functionality (blogging in bed! TV! nursing!), it's just fun to add another remote to the mix.

On the topic of lack of sleep: I wish I could tell you all the crazy things that I have done in my sleep deprived state...but I will save those stories for when Jeff gets a blog. Mainly I just forget words mid-sentence. Jeff, on the other hand, does some hilarious stuff.

Most Recently: Just prior to bed, I was complaining that we had no good shows taped on the DVR. Then we said our good nights and I-Love-You's and rolled over to go to sleep. About two minutes later, Jeff piped up and mumbled, "At least tomorrow night we can watch the new FRIENDS episode." I guess his mind reverts to the year 2003 when he's tired.

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