Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 13: What's In My Bag

First of all, this post was a good one for me because it forced me to clean out my purse. And just so that there is no confusion, this is the "after" picture.

This picture is a little deceiving because it makes it look like my purse is empty, but in reality this is my own personal Mary Poppins purse.

I thought it would make the most sense if I categorized what's inside.

Things That Are In My Purse NOW, But Won't Be When I Need Them
extra clothes for Nathan
extra battery for iPhone
karate schedule

Things That Are In My Purse, But I Don't Use
one baby mitten
one spiderman glove with sound effects that go off when I walk
isotoner gloves
one happy meal toy
iron supplements
tums (from my pregnant days)
flash drive
one plug cover

The Basics
coupon envelope- Bed Bath & Beyond, Great Clips
receipts (only recently did I stop saving every receipt)
water bottle
fingernail clippers
not one, but TWO brushes (ironic if you have seen me lately, I know)
work badge

Things I Stole*
formula (from the hospital)
face lotion samples (from my dermatologist)
*Both were probably included with the service, but I did make sure to get my "fair share"

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Betty said...

What I really want to see is the outside of this expensive purse!