Monday, January 10, 2011

One Hundred Fifty Two: Technology and "Real Life"

Did you know? that if you accidentally leave a Nintendo DS game in your pocket and don't realize it until after it has been washed and dried... it will still work just like new.

Did you know? that lectures about washing electronics fall on deaf ears if experience proves otherwise.

Did you know? that when you lose your video game privilege, you can just invade your brother's space and "coach" him as he plays.

Did you know? that if you both lose your video game privilege at the same time, no worries. You can still play "real life video games". In fact, "Real Life Donkey Kong 64", when played, looks very similar to a game called "tag" in the 80's. Except now one can shout out "PAUSE" if a break is needed.

1 comment:

Aunt Amy said...

I really wish I new about PAUSE - that would have come in so handy as a kiddo.