Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One Hundred Fifty Three: Trade Off

GrandDad came over tonight and in exchange for gourmet fish tacos,
he offered to do homework with the boys.

Lucky for him, it was reading night and not writing night.
Because otherwise, he might have had to call in sick
to work tomorrow so that he could finish.

Typically all of this would take place in the living room,
but until our furniture is delivered, we'll be entertaining all guests in the bedroom.
(Don't take that the wrong way!)

Pop Quiz: How many adults and kids can fit on a King size bed?
Answer: At least five.


Anonymous said...

Can you even imagine how loud I laughed at your comment in parenthesis?!

Lisa said...

I added that comment just for YOU! I reworded it about 5 times but could still hear your voice ringing in my head saying 'ifyouknowwhatimean'.