Wednesday, November 24, 2010

One Hundred Twenty Four: To Great Grandparents House We Go

Last weekend we went to the Great Grandparents house for an early Thanksgiving Lunch and a formal introduction of Baby Blake.

Now that the kids are older, this is going to be a favorite in their book since Great GrandDad started a new tradition.

He presented a bucket of quarters to them with only ONE RULE: you can only reach in one time, so grab as many coins as possible and put them in your yellow bowl.

Davis' Loot: $4.50
Hayden's Loot: $8.25

It literally pays to have bigger hands.

And since that day we have heard Can we go spend our money now? approximately 5,783 5,784 times.


Betty said...

What a clever idea. One that the boys will always remember.

Aunt Amy said...

Wow ... Great Grandpa has changed the rules ... we use to get money that was in his pocket and it was whoever asked first ... so jj might not remember this :)

Grandma Lyle said...

Great Grand Dad always had quarters in his pocket for Amy & Jeff. I do think Jeff got shorted though because Amy would always ask first for the quarters. But he never seemed to know the difference. I always tried to get in on the quarters too but never could.