Friday, November 19, 2010

One Hundred Nineteen: The One Where We Gave Up

I have blogged before about how Jeff and I usually put in a valiant effort to win the unspoken competitions when it comes to classroom projects /  decorations /  and what seems to be the never ending dress up days.

But when the "First Grade Turkey Strike" was sprung on us via the Thursday Folder, we were tired.

Exhausted, really.
We hadn't even put the finishing touches on the Rubik's Cube and another dress up day was nearing. You'll notice from the picture above that we decided to put the minimal effort in to get the job done. A few feathers and a beak out of construction paper, and we called it we could move on to bigger and better things (poopy diapers! laundry! counting down the minutes until the next feeding!).

But the other competitors moms shouldn't count us out of the race for too long. I estimate we will be back in the "game" as soon as we are getting 8 hours of consecutive sleep again.


Aunt Amy said...

I thought for sure you guys would make a bowling pin and put feathers on it for a turkey strike ... oh well ... Hayden looks great in any costume :)

Grandma Lyle said...

Hayden looks like a great turkey. The design of my best turkey would not have come close to being this good.