Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ninety Two: Ailments & Hyper Activity

Last week, we once again had the benefit of spending another $80 and 3 hours at the pediatrician for Hayden. At first it appeared to be the same syptoms as he had in early October... high fever, headache, lethargic...but once the doctor listened to his chest, she informed me that he had Brochitis on its way to becoming Pnemonia. This was shocking to me since, as you know, I am a self educated Pediatrician through WebMD, and believe it or not, Bronchitis was not even on my radar. He barely even had a cough.

I have been to many doctors appointments, and I have to say, this whole thing was one of the worst experiences ever.  While in the office, they couldn't manage his fever so they gave him a dose of tylenol, a dose of motrin, a cold compress, a breathing treatment and an extra strength antibiotic "injectable."

Now, I have never been one of those parents that cry when their kids get shots, but this visit was BRUTAL.

Technically I knew that he would be getting an "injectable antibiotic" since the doctor and I had been talking in code minutes before. I purposely had postponed telling Hayden that small detail for as long as possible because I didn't want him getting anxious about it. Then the nurse walked in and sort of spoiled the surprise by talking about the fact that she would actually be giving him TWO shots, one in each leg, because the needle was so BIG and the medicine was so THICK (do they not teach the code words in nursing school???) .

"Great," I thought as she attempted to show me the proper way to hold him down using HIM in the demonstration.

By that time Hayden had definitely figured out that "injectable" was a synonym for "shot" and was already trying to jump off the table. Once she realized my belly was going to get in the way in the hold down process, she called for back up. I was left with the sole job of rubbing his head and listening to him scream and yell AT ME at the top of his lungs.




DID YOU SIGN ME UP FOR THIS??? (with emphasis on you while making direct eye contact)



Let's just say that if he knew cuss words (or was able to somehow get there through rhyming techniques, like his little brother) he would have DEFINITELY been using them in this situation. He was MAD.

And he wasn't just mad, he was mad AT ME. Because I had "signed him up for this."

I am happy to report that we are finally almost over the hump. Now the only symptom is the craziness that happens after one of his breathing treatments.

Luckily, we haven't had to do breathing treatments since he was really little, but within five mintues of the breathing treatments, Hayden's personality morphs into Davis'. He starts singing and rhyming and jumping and dancing and giggling and goodness. if it's not one of the funniest things I ever seen. It's like a frat house around here with the highs and the lows.
Wish us luck disinfecting the house before the big arrival!


Grandma Lyle said...

Hayden, get well quick!!!!! We luv ya.

the hoang family said...

poor guy!! i hope hayden feels better sooooon!!

i feel for you... maddy also got the same injectables last month... and then an iv, surgery and 2 weeks of oral antibiotics later, we found out the strain of infection she had was resistant to it anyways!!

Anonymous said...

I hope Hayden is rocovering quickly!! We don't want any sick kids when Blake make his debut.

Love you,