Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ninety Three: Checklist

 Nursery completed: Check!
(Lyle the Crocodile themed)

Bags Packed: Check!
 (but I am sure I am forgetting something)

Birth Plan Written: Check!
(ha, who am I kidding?)

(ugh. double ugh.)

I think it is officially time to
do some walking,
eat some eggplant parmigiana,
and get a pedicure
to speed this process up.
(just kidding, I hate walking)

**Side note: check out how talented my friends and family are:
diaper cake by Kellie,
baby mum by Amy,
& name plaque by Martha.


Anonymous said...

This is cutest nursery ever. We are back home, so let's get on with birthing this baby. We are all ready!!!!

Grandma Lyle said...

I love the Lyle the Crocodile theme especially since we read the book to Jeff when he was a little kid. The nursery is so cute and you have such talented friends and family.
Oh, and we're ready too. Can't wait!

kel said...

the nursery turned out fabulous!! Can't wait to meet blake!

the hoang family said...

very cute! btw, i hear sex helps induce labor also... just sayin'... =P

Kim said...

wow...looks amazing lisa!

Anonymous said...

So cute! What a lucky little boy!

Aunt Amy said...

I'm ready too ... CHECK :) !!!

Mica said...

I cannot believe Alisa mentioned sex! Doesn't she know your parents read this?!

Lisa said...

I know. I would NEVER do such a thing to induce labor.