Sunday, September 5, 2010

Forty Seven: Forgetful

This picture just serves as proof that Blake is sucking my brain power these days.

Today we went to Fuddruckers with my parents after church. We ordered our burgers at the counter and went on our merry way to find our table. Actually, Jeff informed me that I ordered a "third of a burger" instead of a 1/3 pound burger, but to be honest, I probably would have done that with or without a child in my womb.

So there we were sitting at our table chit chatting when an employee walked up to me and asked if I was Lisa. I nodded and he pointed back to the pick up table that our food was ready. I really thought nothing of it, but looking back, there was a little bit of tone in the man's voice.

Fast forward two hours. I am at home switching out my purse when I come across this fancy little pager at the bottom of it. The scariest part is that even after finding it I have absolutely no recollection of anyone handing me a pager at Fuddruckers, much less putting it in my purse.

My Labor Day plans now include a trip back to Fuddruckers (although it would be cool to use it around here with the kids if we could figure out a way to make it buzz when dinner was ready).


Aunt Amy said...

This might be a great show and tell item that starts with a B for Davis to take to school...Buzzer from Fudruckers. :) Too funny :)

Mica said...

Re: Kids say...
Your kids are somewhat obsessed with the master/servant thing.

Things that make ya go HMM...