Monday, September 6, 2010

Forty Eight: Extras

I figure if I have committed to blog everyday, I have the right to use at least some of these blogs to vent.

This is one of them.

What is up with car wash places these days? Jeff prefers to go to this one around the corner from our house. He admitted yesterday that he prefers this particular place, not because of the good car wash, but because it's almost guaranteed to get me riled up every time we go. Yesterday was no exception.

Car Wash Pet Peeves:

1.) No one is waiting at the end of the drive through to dry my car. Which, fine...I can deal with that. But they put up this sign as you exit that says some hog wash about the use of a special drying spray and big giant dryers to remind the customer that there is no need for a towel dry. I would probably buy into it if I didn't see big drip marks ALL OVER my car when I get home.

2.) The fact that they charge an extra $3 to "wash" the tires. I use quotation marks around "wash" because I really see no difference in the drive through car wash with or without the tire add-on. Since the basic car wash is only $5 to begin with, I find it absurd that they charge an extra 60% to wash the whole thing.

Like, where else would that be acceptable? What if you dropped off your clothes at the dry-cleaners and they asked if you wanted the sleeves ironed as well. It would only cost an extra $1.20.

3.) I had almost resigned myself to the tire surcharge. But then yesterday we went through the whole frustrating tire conversation with the young girl working the check-in station.
Basic Wash Please.
Do you want the tires done too?
Yes Tires too.
That is when the manager walked up and told us that normally he would have to charge us an extra dollar to get the bugs off the window, but since the girl didn't ask us if we wanted the bugs cleaned off for a surcharge, he wasn't going to charge us.

Things I am Thankful for:
1) That the manager threw the bug removal for "free". How kind.
2) That Jeff was sitting as a buffer between me and the manager.
3) That I have a blog to get stuff like this off my chest.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you just go to a "real" carwash that does it all for one price? I may pay a little more but my entire car inside and out is clean and my blood pressure does not go up!!!

Love you,

GrandPa said...

I agree with Lisa, Why go to a car wash if they are not going to wash the car? Just drive by and hand them the money and leave; save time don't wash the car!